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Stretch those aches away

Yoga at sunrise

By Abigail Park and Annie Johansen

Nothing beats a morning run in the sunshine. The mixture of endorphins and Vitamin D are a perfect blend to set you up for the day. But if you forget to stretch, then you're setting yourself up for an achy end to the day.

We work with a lot of runners in our line of work, with some preferring to stretch out with a relaxing yoga session and others preferring to have their tight muscles ironed back out with a massage. The one thing they all have in common is tight leg muscles.

Motivation: what happens after the big race?

Running shoe

By Hannah Lees

You’ve built up to it – trained for it, worked for it, longed for it for months. Finally the big day comes and it’s amazing and you feel huge emotions and you celebrate your great achievement and people congratulate you. And for a little while you slip it into conversations and tell people “I ran a really long way for charity and I raised loads of money” and people go “wow! That’s amazing”. And it is and you’re very proud.

Dust off your collectibles!


Time to scour the loft, find out that old painting and dust off those antiques, as the Rotary Club of Torrington is hosting an Antiques and Collectibles Charity Valuation Day in support of CHSW at the stunning RHS Rosemoor Gardens on Wednesday 25 April.

With world-renowned valuers from leading auction houses, Cavendish Philatelic Auctions and Dominic Winter Auctioneers, the day will be a unique opportunity to have your much-loved items assessed by expert eyes.

Marathon challenge for head of city wellbeing charity

Jamie Vittles is running the London marathon in support of CHSW

The head of Exeter’s leading health and wellbeing charity will be taking on his own fitness challenge this year.

Jamie Vittles, of CITY Community Trust (CCT), is training for the London Marathon, which takes place in April.  And he is running the marathon to raise funds for one of CCT’s charity partners, Children’s Hospice South West

Jamie said:

How the Rainbow Run helps families like Tayen's


Last year, ‘Tayen’s Rainbow Racers’ helped raise vital funds for Charlton Farm and here’s why…

Tayen from Bridgwater is six years old and has a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis Type 1. The condition is incurable and causes tumours to grow on nerves anywhere in her body. She has complex epilepsy, hydrocephalus and is fully blind. Tayen has already endured two rounds of chemotherapy and will need more at some point in the future.