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Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW) provides care and support for children and young people, with a broad range of health conditions, who are not expected to live beyond 18 years. This includes children and young people with life-limiting diagnoses, children and young people without clear diagnoses but who have health vulnerabilities that mean they are not expected to survive to adulthood, and also children or young people with cancer or organ failure, if their prognosis may be poor.

We welcome referrals from family members or professionals. Before making a referral, we would expect referrers to have been open with the family about the role of a hospice in supporting end of life care.

Families should also be aware that all cases are reviewed annually and that, during periods of stability, a child or young person may be discharged, and can be re-referred if their health deteriorates in the future.

The support provided will be tailored to the needs of the individual child, young person and family.

Referrals are made centrally, and if the child or young person is accepted to receive support, they will be allocated to either Little Bridge HouseCharlton Farm or Little Harbour children’s hospice for the coming year. This allocation will be based on their geographical location, although other factors may be taken into consideration including hospice capacity or extenuating circumstances.

If you are unsure whether the child or young person meets the eligibility criteria we recommend arranging a discussion with the child or young person's Lead Paediatrician prior to making a referral.

If you need more information or a paper copy of the referral forms, please telephone 01271 321 999 or email the Care Team.

Little Bridge never felt like a hospice for me, or my family, it felt like a loving family home, a safe place.

Start your referral

child and adult holding hands

Routine referrals

For children and young people who have a life-limiting or life-threatening condition requiring palliative care support.

Child and teddy bear

Urgent referrals

For children and young people who require imminent end of life care and need a hospice response within 48 hours.

Toy monkey and bear on a bed

Antenatal referrals

For children who are yet to be born, but have been diagnosed with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition in utero.

Further help and support

Girl in wheelchir being tube fed by a carer

Family support

The care offered at each of our hospices is not simply about medical and nursing care for sick children and young people, but about enriching their lives and their families. We aim to be flexible in the support we offer, allowing each family to choose how we can help and whether we become fully or partially involved with their child’s care.