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Don’t need it? Donate it

Donate to your local Children's Hospice South West charity shop

Children's Hospice South West's shops rely on donations of good quality items. Every bag of stock that is donated to us makes a real difference to our children and their families and could be worth up to £25. You can drop off donations at any of our shops and hospices.


How can I help?

  • Do you have items you no longer want or need that you could donate to be sold to raise money for the Children's Hospice South West?
  • Clothes that are too big or too small, books you’ve read, furniture you’re replacing, toys your children or grandchildren have outgrown?

We would love for you to spread the word to your friends, family, work colleagues and community networks, that the Children's Hospice South West need and will welcome their saleable donations? Are you, or any of your friends or family, part of a group, club, society or business whose members of staff may consider holding a ‘Donate It’ day? We can help work through the logistics - from providing bags for donations to be collected in, posters to promote the wide range of items we need and we can even arrange for our van driver to come and collect bulk or large donations on a given date.

Grab a donation bag

Donation Bags are available in every CHSW shop and at hospice receptions, so feel free to pick one up on your next visit. You could even take a few and give them to family and friends.

What do I do with my donations?

You can deliver your donations to one of our hospices or to one of our shops. Alternatively, if you have large items of furniture, large quantities of donations or cannot transport your donations, we can arrange to collect them from you. Please telephone us on 01271 325 270 to make arrangements.

What difference will I make?

We rely almost entirely on voluntary donations and your unwanted items can help us continue this important and vital work. 
Our shops are always in need of good quality items to sell and welcome your donations, so the next time you have a spring clean or house clearance, please remember Children’s Hospice South West may be able to benefit from your unwanted items. 

For more information on how to donate to our charity shops please contact your local shop.

Items we can't sell

There are some things that we can't sell for safety or legal reasons.  If you're not sure whether we can sell your donations, please take a look at our list of what we can't sell.

Leaving donations outside shop opening hours

Although we really welcome your donations we ask that you please don't leave them outside the shop when we're closed.

Not only do we like to be able to thank you personally for bringing them in, but when bags are left outside overnight it can be problematic.

Bags outside a shop are a fire hazard, items are often stolen or they can simply be ruined by our great British weather! They cannot then be sold and we often have to pay to be dispose of them. Plus it all ads up to lots of extra hours of valuable volunteer time to sort through donations that then need to be got rid of. All of this means that it is of no benefit to us as a charity, and may even cost us!

We take great care to make sure we can raise funds from as many pre-loved items that are donated to us as possible, but there are some things that we cannot resell in our shops or raise money from in other ways.

There may be good reasons that you aren't able to drop off your donations when the shop is open which is why we try and have shops open at weekends. If you have a large collection of bags from a business or community group or house clearance we can arrange to come and collect them from you. But you'll understand that we ask for donations to be bought into us wherever possible to help us keep costs down of collections, so that more of the money we raise can go into funding the care at our children's hospices.

It's a sad fact that most items left outside charity shops when they are closed will be damaged in some way.

Bag your RAG

Whilst we ask that most items donated to CHSW shops are things that would sell to other customers, you can still help us raise money on used/unfashionable textiles. If you have clothing or textiles that you think wouldn't necessarily sell in a shop please still donate them to us as they do have value to us. When you're donating please 'Bag you RAG'. We ask that you simply put all RAG textiles together in a bag and label it as 'RAG'. This helps us to save precious time not having to sort through each bag, as we'll already know that everything in that bag can be recycled for RAG. We can then get extra money for the charity based on weight of RAG - so it doesn't matter what the condition the textiles are in it all helps.

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