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Emergency care when you need it

We provide emergency care for many families, and this can be for a number of reasons. An emergency may not necessarily be with the sick child.

It may be that the child is very poorly and the family would like the support that the hospice provides, both physically and emotionally. A parent maybe ill, recovering from an operation, or attending a family funeral for example, and may need additional assistance with their child during this time.

If you feel that we can help in an emergency please contact us.

You helped us for the last five years and through the loss of our son.  We couldn't have gotten through it without you wonderful guys who go above and beyond and still continue to support us.  Thank you, there are not enough words to describe how grateful we will always be.

Find your local hospice

Little Bridge House Children's Hospice

Redlands Road
EX31 2PZ
United Kingdom

referralslbh [at]
Charlton Farm Wraxall Bristol

Charlton Drive
BS48 1PE
United Kingdom

referralscf [at]
Little Harbour Children's Hospice

Porthpean Road
St Austell
PL26 6AZ
United Kingdom

referralslh [at]