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Leaving a gift in your Will is one way to make a lasting difference to children not expected to reach adulthood and their families. By choosing to leave a gift in your Will, you can leave something behind for loved ones, and also local families that need specialist care and support.

Your Will is one of the most important things you’ll ever write as it ensures your family, friends and favourite causes receive what you want from your Estate. As life continues and changes it is also important to review your Will and make sure your wishes are updated.

Whether you are making your first Will, amending your existing Will with a Codicil or rewriting it, your solicitor will be able to advise on the options available. We also work in partnership with selected law firms offering advice as well as a free Will writing service. If you do decide to leave us a legacy, it can be a fixed sum of any size, a specific item or a percentage of your estate. It could also help to reduce the inheritance tax liability of your estate. 

Contact our Legacy Officer

Rob Emery, Legacy and Remembrance Officer, CHSW

Rob Emery

Legacy Officer

Monday-Thursday 9.00am-5.00pm

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