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September Splash 2022

September 2022
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Make a splash this September for Children's Hospice South West!

Could you come up with a challenge or fun activity in the water? Whether you take part in your paddling pool, local swimming pool, or the open water, make a splash and help raise vital funds to make the most of short and precious lives.

Whether you choose to do a swim, surf, sail or something else in the water – your support could help fund hydrotherapy sessions in our specialised pools at our hospices meaning children and young people can get in the water to ease stiff muscles, have fun and make memories with their families that otherwise would not be possible.  

You could swim every day in September, or your child could swim a length of the pool. You could learn to surf until you drop, or kayak a marathon. Your child could learn to dive or simply handstand in the pool. Whatever the challenge, it doesn’t matter! There is nothing too small or too big so get those swimming costumes, shorts or wet suits on and make a huge difference.  

It cost’s nothing to sign up and if you raise over £30, we will send you a certificate and medal to show off!  

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Why take part?  

By getting in the water and taking on a challenge to raise vital funds, not only will you be making your own memories, you are enabling the children and young people that we support to make their own memories in the water.  

Alongside our other care facilities, your support will help fund hydrotherapy sessions at our hospices. 

Hydrotherapy or aquatic physiotherapy is a therapy programme that is completed in a warm pool. This allows children to gain the benefits from the properties of the water and the expertise of the suitably qualified Physiotherapist. 

The warm water supports much of a child’s body weight allowing a freedom of movement especially when they may spend so much of their time in a wheelchair. 

Children with stiff joints, muscle spasms or muscle wasting conditions can benefit from the therapeutic experience of water, as it can help improve their flexibility or joint range and provides the chance to improve their strength or endurance. 

More importantly exercises in water give a feeling of well-being and are fun. 

We particularly appreciate the opportunity to get close and hold him, the water allows for physical contact we can't experience anymore and is so much missed. 

At each hospice site there is a hydrotherapy pool that is not only fully accessible and hygienic but also a private space for families to spend time together. The sense of relaxation can be enhanced through the use of jet streams, a sound system and changing lights, although many of our families also use this space as a fun, playtime activity. 

Each pool has its own fully equipped wet room so the Care Team or parents can wash the children with ease. The wet room gives a lot of space for families to change at either end of their hydrotherapy session and means they do not need to return to their rooms in wet clothes. 

Noon having fun in the hydrotherapy pool

Noon enjoying the hydrotherapy pool


Once signed up, we will send you our September Splash fundraising pack which has everything you need to know to smash your target including sponsor forms, ideas, helpful tips and more.  

Set up your online fundraising page

It’s the easiest way to get sponsored. You can let everyone know what you’re doing  and why you’re taking part with the click of a few buttons!  

Set up your JustGiving page

Tips to make the most of your fundraising page

  • Set a page target

    • You can skip this part but we strongly advise not to. A target is a great way to motivate yourself but also a great tool for your supporters. Data has proven that when a fundraiser is close to target, people are more generous to help push it over the line. On average, a page with a target raises 46% more!  

  • Story time.

    • Adding a story to your page will really inspire people to donate. Let people know how much effort you are putting in or how much of an achievement it will be when you finish. You could be taking part to celebrate something or someone. Tell people why. Trust us, it works!  

  • Get snapping
    • Nothing tells a story like a photo, so make sure to add a profile picture to your page and keep regularly adding new photos throughout your challenge. Keep it fresh and give people a reason to come back. Fundraisers with photo’s or videos on their page raise roughly 14% more per photo!  
  • Shout, shout and shout some more
    • Being persistent is key, don’t be afraid to keep sharing your story on your social media and within your email groups. You could even add it to your email signature at work. Just because someone doesn’t donate first time, doesn’t mean they don’t want to or won’t the next time they see it. They may just have been busy, or waiting until payday and it slipped their mind. We’ve all been there. If you feel apprehensive about sharing the same thing, a perfect way is to add an update to your page about your challenge, or a new photo – then you have something new to share with it.  
  • Say thanks
    • Remember to thank your donors regularly, you can do this via updates on your page, by emailing your donors or updating your social media pages. This great for your donors and will also get the word out to more people. Whilst thanking, you could ask if they could share within their networks.  
  • The end is not the end
    • Around 20% of donations come in after an event has finished so make sure you are following up once you are dry, letting people know how you got on, how difficult it was for you and how much it means to Children’s Hospice South West.  *stats provided by JustGiving.  
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