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The hydrotherapy pool at Little Bridge HouseHydrotherapy or aquatic physiotherapy is a therapy programme that is completed in a warm pool. This allows children to gain the benefits from the properties of the water and the expertise of the suitably qualified Physiotherapist.

The warm water supports much of a child’s body weight allowing a freedom of movement especially when they may spend so much of their time in a wheelchair.

Children with stiff joints, muscle spasms or muscle wasting conditions can benefit from the therapeutic experience of water, as it can help improve their flexibility or joint range and provides the chance to improve their strength or endurance.

More importantly exercises in water give a feeling of well-being and are fun.

We particularly appreciate the opportunity to get close and hold him, the water allows for physical contact we can't experience anymore and is so much missed

Girl with carer in the hydrotherapy poolAt each hospice site there is a hydrotherapy pool that is not only fully accessible and hygienic but also a private space for families to spend time together. The sense of relaxation can be enhanced through the use of jet streams, a sound system and changing lights, although many of our families also use this space as a fun, playtime activity.

Each pool has its own fully equipped wet room so the Care Team or parents can wash the children with ease. The wet room gives a lot of space for families to change at either end of their hydrotherapy session and means they do not need to return to their rooms in wet clothes.


You can now buy the gift of a splash and a smile

A virtual gift is a unique and wonderful way to show your loved one as well a child living with life-limiting condition and their family just how much you care. 

How it works

Simply purchase your chosen cherished gift and you will receive a downloable gift card that can be printed, personalised and passed on to your friend or family member.