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Jail & Bail Plymouth 2018

Friday 27 April 2018
10:00am - 5:00pm
Devonport Guildhall, Plymouth
Corporate fundraising
Event organiser:
On Friday 27 April 2018, we held our Plymouth Jail and Bail event at Devonport Guildhall.
Eight local business men and women agreed to be taken into custody for the day, charged with their crimes (entirely fictitious, of course!) and then placed on trial. Bail was set and the clock was started. Over the course of the day the group emailed, text messaged and called all of their friends, family and contacts, in order to raise enough bail money to be freed.

Overall, our amazing jailbirds raised an incredible amount of over £20,000 for Children's Hospice South West. Thank you so much everyone!

For information on how you can take part or nominate someone else for our Plymouth Jail and Bail event in 2019, please contact or call01726 871 800.

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Andy Price

Andy Price

Company: Bright Solicitors
Conviction: Telling exaggerated stories.

Dan Stones

Dan Stones

Company: 5D Construction Ltd
Conviction: Dressing like an extra from Shameless.

Darren Lawson

Darren Lawson

Conviction:  First degree murder of karaoke classics.
Dean Bennett

Dean Bennett

Company: China Fleet Country Club
Conviction: Being the King of cheese.


Julie Mazzoni

Company: Qstore - Saltash
Conviction: Stealing everyone’s share of chocolates.

Phonet Gang

The Phoneta Gang

Company: Phoneta
Conviction: Excessive “work” socials.

Steve and Richard

The NatWest Divots

Company: NatWest
Conviction: Vandalism of golf fairways.

Helen Marks

Company: HSBC

Conviction: Repetitive cake eating for any meal

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