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Since the beginning of lockdown, A has been shielding at home.
A usually enjoys visits to Charlton Farm.

A’s foster parent, Patrick, describes how support from the Care Team has been a huge help during this difficult time. 

“Heads down, keep calm and carry on... 

We had a respite stay arranged for early May and were looking forward to a few days’ break at Charlton Farm, including the usual yummy meals, time for walking, reading and jigsaws.   

Once the lockdown period started, we soon realised that our break would have to be rearranged, and we have all been at home since then, fitting in work, college studies and home school for A. The first couple of weeks were smooth, home school was going well, and A’s routine settled.   


The Easter holidays started all well and good, but things began to get tricky with A’s health, including lots of dystonia, a sequence of infections and increased pain. 

After a call one day to the CHSW helpline aka the Care Team at Charlton Farm, we were able to get some great support from the members of the team who know him well.

Dr Emma will be too modest to claim a significant role in helping us, but we’ve been particularly grateful for her support and advice, alongside Dr Mary and others from the Care Team who rang us daily for about a week whilst things were sorted out. Things are now thankfully much better. 

Thank you for your support... 

Aside from that, the sibling workers have been checking in with us via email and Zoom. If nothing else, it’s been something to do for a couple of hours, between cooking meals, and making then eating cake together. Some Charlton Farm traditions just simply can’t be missed, but it would helpful to have the jacuzzi here too!” 


*For the purpose of this story, A’s real name has not been used.