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Arthur Roberts pictured in Norway on one of his previous trips
Arthur has found a way to incorporate his love of Norway, photography and his wish to raise funds for CHSW
My first knowledge of CHSW was when its charity shop in Helston opened

In the past, I ran a small business producing greetings cards of Cornwall. On finishing this I wondered what I might do with my remaining stock. I wanted the stock to benefit something worthwhile and having been a handicapped child, when I learned of the work of CHSW I decided to use this stock to make cards to donate to the hospice.

This led to a visit, with my wife, to Little Harbour in St Austell on one of their open days

I cannot find sufficient words to express my admiration for the work the hospice is doing to care for the children and to support their families.

In May of last year I booked a holiday to Svalbard, a Norwegian group of islands 600 miles from the North Pole.  I will travel to Bergen in Norway and then across to Oslo before taking a flight to Svalbard. My hobby is photography, I love to photograph wildlife and landscapes/seascapes and Norway is a place I became hooked on when I first went there, visiting the Briksdal Glacier, in my early twenties.

While watching the local news after booking my holiday there was a report of a sponsored cycle ride involving Marcus Trescothick which was in aid of Children’s Hospice South West. Due to a few wonky joints I am restricted in what physical activities I can do, but the report set me thinking whether there might be some sort of sponsorship I could manage.

My trip to Svalbard was planned as a holiday, which I am looking forward to, but it has become much more than a holiday and I am excited by the challenge I have set myself to photograph as many of the forty two species of birds, mammals, seals and whales as possible.

I am seeking sponsorship for each different species I can photograph. I am quite sure that I will not be able to photograph every one but through various excursions offered by the local tourist trip operators I am hoping that I may at least get a little more than half.

For anyone wishing to donate click here