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Open Day Charlton Farm January 2020

Charlton Farm, Wraxall
Public open day
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Open Day Charlton Farm January 2020

What do you think of when you imagine visting a children's hospice?

Each month we open our doors to let the community and our supporters see just how much your support makes a difference to families across the South West. If you haven't visted us before, understandably, you may have some preconceptions of what a children's hospice looks like. 

Our open days give an insight into children's hospice life and gives us the chance to say thank you personally. We don't have any planned family stays during theses days, so you won't hear the usual noise and laughter that fills the house, but you will leave with a huge sense of enthusiasm for Children's Hospice South West and a big smile on your face!

My visit made me think differently about hospices. It feels like a lovely, homely, happy place.

A tour of Charlton Farm