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Lizzie's story
Lizzie talks about her son William and Edward’s Syndrome

William has Edward’s Syndrome, a condition also known as t18 or trisomy 18. William's mum Lizzie is passionate that families are able to access all the support they need to allow them to make the most of their time with their children. When she can, Lizzie shares her story in the hope to gain more support for charities like Children’s Hospice South West.

William and mum Lizzie
Nothing can ever prepare you for the news that your baby is going to have a short life and has a really complex condition. No one can comprehend how life can change in a second. When we heard the devastating news about William, I felt like I was on a film set. It felt like it was someone else’s lives, not ours they were talking about. I was hoping the camera would stop rolling and everything would be normal again.

The first year with William was like being in a crushing device. His breathing kept stopping and we would have to shake him gently and pinch his feet to bring him back. We had a Diana Nurse in once a week, but no medical equipment, no respite and were given no hope by the hospital consultants. We were told to have some time with him as he wouldn't survive much beyond three months. After three months we had a birthday party and did so on the 11th of each month until William’s first real birthday!

Our lives became a circus. There were all the appointments, hospital admissions and people coming to see him.

The support and care we receive from CHSW is fantastic and we are so grateful to be able to enjoy time as a family, with a chance to rest and be ‘Mum and Dad’ again.