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Ollie's story
We appreciate every second, every breath we have with him.
When Ollie’s birth didn’t go to plan, Dad Neil says their lives changed forever.

We stayed at his bedside for 24 hours a day and at four days old doctors informed us that Ollie’s brain injury was so severe he was likely to only live a maximum of two hours once taken off the intensive care support. At this point we were able to hold him for the first time, it was our first proper hello and we were told it would soon be our goodbye.

But Ollie fought back and defying the odds he shocked doctors by opening his right eye. A couple of days later he also opened his left eye. Against all the odds, we recently celebrated Ollie’s second birthday.

Ollie's story
Our life is very different to what we might have imagined. Ollie suffers from HIE grade 3 (severe brain injury), epilepsy, cerebral palsy and is registered blind. He is unable to swallow and has had two operations to fit a tube which pump feeds him 20 hours a day. He has medication every 1.5 hours from 8.00am until 11.00pm. He goes down for bed around midnight, but will usually only sleep four to five hours. Due to his epilepsy his routine could change anytime; he could have a fit anywhere, anytime or trouble breathing.

Because of his complex needs, the time we spend together at Charlton Farm is really precious. For us as parents it is a nice time to recharge ready for when we go home again. We can enjoy the facilities as a family; Ollie loves the hydrotherapy pool and sensory room, experiences we can’t offer him at home.

We just appreciate every second, every breath we have with him. Our day to day life has changed completely but we are so happy he is here and we would do anything for him.