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Amy Whittaker, Retail Support Manager
A Q&A with Amy, the Retail Support Manager
Amy tells us more us about her job and what she enjoys most about working with the Retail Team

Tell us about your job working in Retail? What’s your typical day/week?
My job role is highly varied which keeps it exciting. I work from home most of the time, occasionally travelling to Tiverton for meetings. I support all the retail stores and the area managers, providing advice and help to ensure everything runs efficiently. My day typically is administrative tasks, but I get to interact with departments across the charity and external suppliers daily, via Teams. 

What do you enjoy most about working at CHSW and/or in retail? 
I love how varied my job is, each day brings a new challenge. Everyone that I work with is so supportive, morale is great and we all work as a team towards the same goals.  

What motivated you to apply to your role?
Charity retail is so special, it’s providing vital funds to the hospices, whilst promoting recycling and re-using items otherwise thrown away. Children’s Hospice South West is a local charity and is well known, recognised and supported.  

How did you become a Retail Support Manager? What job were you doing before?
I previously worked as a Pharmacy Manager for the last 7 years, I enjoy being part of a team and retail has always been part of my life. After working for another charity as a shop manager years ago, I knew I always wanted to get back into the charity field. I used my knowledge and experience from previous retail, charity and management roles to apply for this role as it combines all of those things.  


Have you learnt any new skills since working at CHSW?
I have learnt so many new skills on Excel, Microsoft Teams, Forms, Planner. I had a basic understanding before, but this role has really allowed me to understand IT skills on a much deeper level. I have a lot of communication with external stakeholders, suppliers and contractors, this has really improved and increased my understanding of how I communicate, and developed my confidence at the same time.  

If you could do another job within CHSW for the day, what would it be?
I would love to join the Fundraising Team for the day and get involved with the amazing events that they put together.  

How does it feel to be a part of the CHSW family?
At CHSW you do really feel part of something amazing. Although we all work across the South West and in different departments, everything we do fits together to achieve the best for the charity. You are supported to make positive changes and have opinions. 

Tell us anything else you love about your role/CHSW...
Everything that happens in the hospices is inspirational and the support for the charity is beautiful.