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Lauren's story
An oasis for all the family
Lauren's mum speaks about their first visit

Lauren's story

I remember our first visit was filled with trepidation. We expected to find the hospice very clinical and hospital like, we couldn’t have been more wrong. We were greeted at the door and made to feel welcome by the staff. We were shown around and it was nothing like we’d imagined. It was very homely and calm, an oasis.

It was nice to be able to go and have someone to talk to who understood what you were going through. We made lots of friends and it was like being in a special club because you were all there for the same reason.

You didn’t stand out because you were different like if you were on holiday somewhere. We were all in the same boat.

Lauren’s brother Alex has made some good friends. It’s great for him because he has something in common with the other siblings and I’m sure it makes him feel like he’s not the only person in this situation. You will usually find him on the PlayStation, watching a movie or playing football!