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Catherine and Isaac
Isaac's story
Mum, Catherine tells us about Isaac's time with Children's Hospice South West before his death

When Catherine's son, Isaac, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour just after his eighth birthday at the end of December 2008, the family knew their time with him was limited.

After months of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Isaac’s fragile body could not cope with any more treatment and Isaac and Catherine were transported by paramedic ambulance to Little Bridge House

 It was a bright, crisp early spring day and my initial reaction on approaching the hospice was one of relief.When Lisa, one of our contacts, came out to greet us, I thought that there was someone who I could entrust my precious son to. For the first time in months, I felt able to relax.

'Over the next few months, our times at home became shorter and our reliance on Little Bridge House became greater as Isaac deteriorated. When staff felt that I had too much to cope with at home, they were swift to offer extended respite and were very flexible with our dates.

Our last visit with Isaac to Little Bridge House saw our final 18 days with him.'



During this time, I was allowed to be his mum rather than his carer and nurse.

'When he died, peacefully, I was allowed to be with him. As a family, we were never rushed to say our goodbyes and continued our stay at the hospice as the funeral arrangements were finalised.

Isaac remained peaceful in the Starborn room, a specially adapted room for him to lie, as we customised his coffin with Thomas the Tank Engine transfers.

Losing a child is the hardest thing I have had to endure. While Little Bridge House can never take away that pain, it has helped to create happy memories of Isaac’s last months and ensured that as a family we were able to stay by his side throughout his short illness. I can never thank them enough.