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Amber and her dad Chris at home
Visits from the care team always help Amber and her family raise a smile during lockdown
Another face, a different voice, and a cheerful smile

Amber usually visits Little Bridge House for respite but because of the pandemic, she has spent many months at home shielding with mum Leala and dad Chris.

The family’s usual care packages and appointments were cancelled due to Covid, so home visits by Jo and Tracey and other members of the hospice care team have provided some of their only support during such a challenging and isolating time.

Amber’s condition is undiagnosed, but she has complex epilepsy and other medical issues. Leala said the team at Little Bridge House had been a big help.

“Lockdown has been incredibly hard on everyone but extra challenging with Amber’s medical issues and no care coming into help,” said Leala, who has had to go to work while Amber and her dad have shielded at home.

“We were one of the first families to have Little Bridge House come out to do a house visit.

Amber was getting bored with mummy and daddy so having Jo and Tracey come out to visit has made her day, even though it was for a couple of hours.

“Chris has experienced some anxiety during lockdown and was worried about how long this will go on for, so the team at Little Bridge has been a big help to us all.”

Care team member Jo said it was always lovely to see the family, especially to get one of Amber’s lovely smiles.

She said: “These difficult times can be very isolating for our families as they are spending a lot of time at home and not able to see many people.  

Visiting Amber at home

“Amber and her family value our visits and Amber is not bothered by us wearing PPE; in fact she seems to find it rather amusing! We chat and play, bring activities with us from Little Bridge House and it helps break up their day – another face, a different voice, and a cheerful smile (under the mask!).”