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Elisha and her family have been isolating together at home.
The family have had to cancel all outside care due to Elisha’s high vulnerability, as have others in a similar situation.

While the Elisha and her family are keeping busy and enjoying some time together, this hasn’t been without its difficulties as mum, Heather, explains. 

“The lockdown is a bit like when Elisha is neutropenic due to chemotherapy, so we have had a lot of practice with hygiene and cleanliness so not totally new to the family.

The hardest part of lockdown is not being able to have daily carers come to the house to support. Due to Elisha being clinically extremely vulnerable, the whole family has gone into lockdown as we can’t risk carers bringing in the virus.  

Elisha's hospital operations are cancelled for the foreseeable future and disabled adaptation postponed.  

We are finding food deliveries unpredictable and usually without what was ordered. Unfortunately, we can’t just go to another shop as it takes weeks to even get one order. Fingers crossed the order next week has eggs as the last one didn’t.

The positives are that the children loved having a food box and Easter egg delivery from Little Harbour, especially five-year-old Izabella and seven-month-old Ayda-May. If someone knocks at the door, we play a great ‘guess who it could be’ game (they haven’t quite gathered it’s either post or food). 

The kids like baking and art, so a lot of that is going on as it passes the day by quite well. I managed to get them all to do an activity together using Fimo (clay) and we have used some aprons and fabric paint, which were bought after a CHSW& mums group I attended at sea salt and had not yet got around to using.  

Fayth, 15, is thrilled that Kerry from CHSW shared her signature brownie recipe with us all!”