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Avery sitting in blue pea pod chair
Avery's family recently had their first visit to Little Harbour
"I really do feel like it could be a home away from home"

Avery was born in March 2021 and suffered a cardiac arrest when she was just 3 days old. The arrest lasted 40 minutes and left her with significant brain damage due to lack of oxygen. 

Avery now lives with cerebral palsy, dystonia and is 100% tube fed.

Avery has a lot to deal with on a day to day basis compared to others of a similar age; having all of her meals via a tube that goes straight into her stomach, contending with spasms and contractions in her muscles from the dystonia and various medications to keep her well.

Avery and family at Disneyland
However, like many other 1 year olds she also loves Frozen films, is a bit of an adrenaline junkie and has a fantastic relationship with her three brothers.

Avery is the youngest of four children; her brother Marley is 10, brother Zachary is 8 and has autism, and her youngest brother Eli is 6. 

Avery was referred to Little Harbour children’s hospice in St Austell, however the decision to make those initial steps and visit the hospice for the first time was not an easy one for Avery’s mum and dad to make.

Mum Cristina explains: “My husband and I were quite reluctant to accept a children’s hospice referral for a fair few months as we just assumed it would be a hospice environment, but we were completely blown away and are really pleased that we finally came for a visit.”

Reflecting on their first visit to Little Harbour, Cristina said: “The thought of coming to a hospice was quite daunting but we had a lovely time. The staff were so friendly and welcoming and the facilities were amazing and we didn’t really feel as though we were in a hospice environment. 

I really do feel like it could be a home away from home. Avery was very happy there and our boys didn’t want to leave!

Avery's sibling playing guitar
While staying at Little Harbour, Avery got to experience being in the ball pit and going down the slide in the soft play room, the sensory room which she loved and relaxing in a pea pod chair, while her brothers spent time with the dedicated sibling team. This allowed time for Avery’s parents to relax a little and get to know the hospice team while they got to know their family.

Avery’s family have no idea what her future holds. “The unknown is terrifying but we celebrate every milestone,” said Cristina.

Cristina is documenting Avery’s journey living with these conditions through her Instagram account and YouTube channel, both titled ‘Mummy and Avery’. They are open to anyone to follow who is going through a similar journey or interested in finding out more.


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