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A Year Long Challenge

01 July 2019 chsw

After meeting some of the CHSW staff at the Bristol Life Awards back in 2018, three of the team from Triangle Networks, based in Clevedon, decided they wanted to do something to help fundraise for Children’s Hospice South West.

After putting their heads together, and deciding that twelve events would be better than one, by the end of 2019 Bob, Dan and Jamie will have taken part in 36 events between them, and are hoping to raise £3,000 to help support the work that CHSW do for children living with life-limiting conditions, and their families, throughout the South West.

From the Weston-super-Mare Half Marathon, where Bob achieved his personal best, to the gruelling Cheddar Gorge Half Marathon, which took place on a rainy, cold, windy day and saw them having to take on the horrific sounding ‘Hells Steps’ twice (in the words of Jamie “ the running trio are enjoying this challenge, and the competition from running with your colleagues seems to be spurring them on!

What motivates us is raising the money and awareness for CHSW, and seeing the relationships that you forge with families. After going to an Open Day at Charlton Farm and seeing the facilities and staff first hand, it was clear to see their passion and commitment to what is not an easy job at all. We learned about how much money in donations CHSW relied on to keep going each year and thought we could help in some way. The money we are aiming to raise is small in comparison to what you need every year, but hopefully our little crazy challenge will inspire others to do something for CHSW. You do work we couldn’t even contemplate or have the mental and emotional stability to do it, but what we can do is to raise awareness and money for the outstanding work you carry out every day.

For most people, taking on one event is enough, and what keeps them going is knowing that once they’ve crossed that finish line they get to put their feet up and know that, perhaps, they don’t have to do anything like that again, but for Team Triangle, it’s slightly different.

The hardest part for me is the first 3 weeks of getting back into running, this is the point you just need to get over it and then everything levels out. The support we receive at some of the events is great! Every time I run past a CHSW cheer point, I straighten up and push it some more -  it’s like a Tic Tac, a refreshing little lift.

October will see the last of the year’s events, and hopefully a time for some rest for Team Triangle, with lots of massages to help ease their tired muscles!! If you would like to support them in their fundraising goal you can visit their online fundraising page.

If you’re feeling motivated by Bob, Dan and Jamie’s enormous efforts, why not get in touch with your local Community or Corporate Fundraiser to see how they might help inspire you to take on a challenge!