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Ride for Precious Lives training advice

17 November 2020 CHSW Events

Helpful advice to get you through training in winter

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or just starting out, three days, three hospices, three counties can feel rather daunting. 205 miles across the South West is certainly a challenge, whichever way you may be riding (or both in some cases) but one you will never forget!

Our event provider for July, Adventure Café, has the following advice:

•    You need to have good endurance for these events. 
•    You must be used to doing long rides in the countryside - 6 hours +.
•     You should be doing regular exercise - with some serious cycle training. 
•    Your typical comfortable cycling speed will be around 15 km/hr
•    You may also be concentrating on other types of exercise - but for longer periods of time (i.e sessions in excess of 1.5 hrs.) - however cycling is the best preparation (obviously!).
With the days now shorter in length, trying to fit in training can be hard but don't forget, we are here to offer any support and guidance! Our website has fantastic 20 week and 10 week training plans, offering you a great guide as to where you should be with your distance rides and tips on how to stay on track each week.

In places, Ride for Precious Lives will certainly prove to be a challenge, but we promise the sense of pride you'll feel and the families you meet at our hospices along the way will make it all worthwhile. If you include hill training with every ride, you won’t go far wrong.