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New Tin Collection Procedure

04 September 2018 Jenny

We have now altered our tin collection procedure. This will be useful for any of our volunteers that distribute and pick-up our collection tins and buckets.

Reasons Why

During 2017 we received new static collection guidance and rules from the Fundraising Regulator – it seemed a good time to also revamp the way we numbered and monitored our collection tins and buckets. We can then keep track of where these buckets and tins are being distributed so that we don’t miss any during collection.


  • Your Community Fundraiser will give you a pack for our new system which includes instructions, your given batch numbers and letters for each business. We are currently in the process of distributing these packs so if you are yet to receive yours, you will soon.
  • Each time you need to replace a tin, write one of the numbers you’ve been allocated onto the base of the tin, in permanent marker.
  • Record where the tin is placed on your sheet, next to the appropriate number
  • Ask for a signature to one of our Authority letters (example and copies enclosed) – this only needs to be completed on the first occassion you place or replace a tin. N.B Please ensure business name is added to the consent slip at the bottom of the page.
  • Return the signed Authority letter to Little Harbour (where we will update their record to show that they have authorised us to place a tin with them)
  • When you collect a ‘full’ tin which is already permanently numbered, simply delete the details from your list and re-use that numbered tin when you need to.

If anyone is unsure, or would like further guidance, please speak to your Community Fundraiser or Norma who is based at Little Harbour.