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Lottery Winners create giant 'Gingerbread House'


Lottery winners spent 24 hours making the 'gingerbread house' at Little Bridge House

Children’s Hospice South West’s Little Bridge House received an early Christmas gift on Thursday thanks to a show of generosity from National Lottery winners.

Past winners from across the south of the country spent 24 hours creating a giant ‘gingerbread’ playhouse for children and their families to enjoy.

Armed with plenty of paintbrushes and tools, the winners, with a combined wealth of over £23million, turned a simple wood cabin into the themed house that will be filled with resources.

Allison Ryder, director of care at Little Bridge House, said: “This has been such an exciting project to be a part of and we’re thrilled with the new gingerbread house that the winners created for us.

Children's Hospice South West co-founder Eddie Farwell (left) with parents and children and lottery winners at the new 'gingerbread house' at Little Bridge House.  As well as bringing plenty of festive cheer to the children and our staff, this will be a fun, safe place for our children and families to enjoy all year round.  As a charity, we rely on donations to ensure that we can make a real difference to the lives of the children and their families who rely on us.  The gingerbread house will ad colour to our gardens and I’m sure it will bring joy for many years to come. We want to thank everyone for giving up their time to create this magical place for us.”

Sarah Ham and her two children are just one of the families who will be able to make use of the facilities, and she said the work had been ‘brilliant’ in providing somewhere else eight-year-old Abigail can go.

“It’s going to be brilliant to be able to get Abigail doing things and to have somewhere completely accessible,” she said.

“It’s amazing. You don’t meet people as kind as this every day, and to see them all here volunteering is just brilliant.”

One of those taking part in the project was Barry Maddox, whose partner Susan Richards won £3million on a lottery scratchcard last year.

“First and foremost its been a lot of fun and a real pleasure to be able to be involved and put something back into this community,” said Barry.

“Everyone’s worked really hard and if it puts a smile on kids faces in here it means the world.”

Source: North Devon Gazette 6/12/17