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The CHSW charity shop which is a 'treasure trove' for Glastonbury Festival fans

19 June 2024 CHSW

The mystical town in Glastonbury on the Somerset Levels is largely known by people across the world for its famous music festival.

Each year the area sees more than 200,000 people descend on Worthy Farm in Pilton –  7 miles away from the town itself - for the musical extravaganza

But the quirky town, steeped in myth and legend and the reputed burial place of King Arthur, has lots more to offer than the music festival named after it.

Nestled away in its unique High Street full of eclectic independent retailers selling everything from crystals to witchcraft books, is the treasure trove which is Children’s Hospice South West’s charity shop.

And as the fields of Pilton are prepared ready for the influx of music and culture fans, Zander Bruce who manages the shop, is also gearing up for the busy ‘pre festival’ week.

Glastonbury Festival is like the run up to Christmas for us

"We prepare our stock ready and sell during the run up to the festival, " said Zander.

“It’s one of our busiest periods of the year.”

man in charity shop

For locals as well as visitors, the store, which underwent a major refit in November last year, is a go-to place for festival fashion.

And shoppers have managed to bag themselves some designer outfits to wear on the festival circuit.

“We had a sack of items left in the store the other week and when we went through it we found a Stella McCartney for Adidas jumpsuit among some other beautiful items,” said Zander

“Normally this would retail for around £200, but we put it on the shop floor for £45 and it was quickly snapped up by a man for his daughter to wear at festivals this summer.

Glastonbury itself has no High Street retail clothing brands and instead is full of amazing independent businesses where you can buy everything from bohemian clothing to crystals.

“But I like to think, as the biggest charity retailer in the town, we offer an alternative offering including a great mix of vintage and donated goods. We never know what is going to be donated each day.

“It’s not only the locals which come in, but lots of tourists too.

“But what a visitor may think is an outfit to go to a festival, a local would wear to pop down to Morrisons on a Tuesday.”

The shop is not all about ladies’ fashion, it’s also popular with men.

charity shop clothes rail

Male shoppers make a beeline for the store’s vintage range which stocks everything from branded t-shirts to BaJa hoodies and even the colourful shell suits made famous in the 1980s.

“Our vintage men’s range is really popular,” said Zander. 

“As soon as it hits the rails, it sells.”

man in charity shop

But it’s not just the clothing that draws in the customers, with bric-a-brac and women’s fashion the top sellers.

The store also offers books, homewares, children’s clothing and a range of accessories from jewellery to hats and shoes.

Although the Pilton festival is the best known, Glastonbury offers a lot of smaller festivals and events – providing lots of opportunities for retail therapy.

“We have lots of events throughout the year,” said Zander. “From the Fairy Ball where everyone dresses as fairies for two days to the Goddesses Conference and the annual Frost Fayre and carnival.

Glastonbury is also a place which many visit for its Pagan and Christian traditions with many making a pilgrimage here.”

The store, which also has a fully accessible changing room for those with mobility problems, opens seven days a week.

Zander, who joined the charity in the summer of 2017, sees to the day to day running of the store helped by a team of volunteers – although more are needed.

“We are very much on the lookout for new volunteers,” said Zander

“We have an amazing team of around a dozen helpers, but we really do need more to make what happens here, happen.

It’s a happy and fun place to work and raises money for an amazing cause. So I would encourage anyone who is popping in to have a look at what is on the shelves to also pick up a volunteering form and get involved.

The store also has two paid Manager’s Assistant roles available. To find out more visit 

man in charity shop

Zander says he is yet to meet any of the stars which appear at the festival each year.

“But they are always welcome to pop in if they are looking for something new to wear,” he joked.

“We’d love to see them and tell them about the great work of our charity.

“And in hospice tradition, we’d be glad to serve them up a nice cup of tea and slice of cake.”