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Body maintenance

01 July 2019 Annie Johansen

As marathon season draws to a close and you are no doubt all still counting those lost toenails and soaking in warm baths, it is important to check in and reassess with how your body is feeling.

Cars, by law, have to have a yearly MOT, yet our bodies are left to slowly rust as each year flies by in a blur of work, children, social activities and, of course running! It is a great idea to book in for a body MOT regularly, whether that be a massage, a rolfing session, acupuncture, or even a retreat.

There are many body work practitioners out there, educated in how our bodies work, who know how to help with those niggling pains that we just end up living with. You may think your lower back is sore from overuse or just something that comes with age, when in actual fact it's tight hamstrings, lazy glute muscles and overstretched hip flexors that are all pulling your pelvis out of line, resulting in a dull lower back ache, that overtime becomes something you barely notice. These issues can be addressed with massage and hands on therapy, along with a series of tailored exercises and stretches that help to address the root of the issue, and realign your body.

Booking in for a body MOT with your preferred choice of bodywork is not a luxury, but a necessity, especially for those who use their bodies for more extreme sports.