Family stories

Our families wanted to share their story as a way to support Children's Hospice South West's 25th Anniversary

Stanley Barnes and his sister, Willow

The Barnes family

Stanley's mum explains their journey with Children's Hospice South West so far.

Noami Fuller

Naomi's story

Naomi's mum, Ruth tells us her family story and about their time spent at Little Bridge House.


Willingham family siblings

The Willingham family

Rachel and Jason Willingham tell their family story and share their experiences of Children's Hospice South West. 

Catherine and Isaac Yearsley

The Yearsley family

Catherine Yearsley tells us about her and her son, Isaac's time with Children's Hospice South West and the continuing support.


Jasmine Gillet

The Gillett family

Jasmine had her first seizure at just four months old but since then she's been proving people wrong and recently celebrated her 10th birthday. 

Freya Tregear

The Tregear family

Freya's mum, Keeley describes her daughter's condition and how receiving care at Little Harbour has helped.


Lavan family - Jamie's journey

The Lavan family

The Lavan family were one of the first to stay at Little Bridge House in 1995. Mum, Liv shares with us her journey with Children’s Hospice South West.

Rosa's story

Rosa's story

Rosa’s mum, Amy, tells us how the time spent at Little Bridge House and most recently Little Harbour, has made a difference to their lives.


Luke and Kaleb

Kaleb's Thumbprint

Luke, a bereaved father is taking part in the 2017 London Marathon in memory of his son.