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Meet Ray our volunteer gardener
Ray's story
Ray has been a volunteer gardener at Little Bridge House for four years

I retired from the NHS after 37 years service and now that I have the time I wanted to look at doing something different. Too old to play rugby, but I still wanted something to fulfil my spare time.

I read an advertisement in the North Devon Gazette which was asking for volunteers to work at Little Bridge House in the gardens. I organised a visit to the Hospice and was very impressed, but I didn't realise how large the grounds were! I basically signed up there and then.

I have now been working at the Hospice for around four years.

I am personally an outside person whether it is out walking and I love to play golf, so garden work was right up my street. Although I don’t think I could name any flower or tree within the garden. I just prefer the physical work that it entails.

Commitment is down to the volunteer of how many hours or days you can do. The maintenance team realise that you have other commitments to family and your outside interests. Therefore your availability is very well appreciated. At the moment I do about six hours a week, but if available and if I am needed, I will do more.

I am really glad that I signed up, I’ve met lots of new people and I thoroughly enjoy the working atmosphere. I would recommend to any person who has any free time that they should consider volunteering at Little Bridge House.

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