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Ellie at Santas on the Run
A Q&A with Eleanor (Ellie) Baxter, Media Officer for Little Harbour
Ellie tells us about her role at CHSW and what she loves most about her job as Media Officer for Little Harbour.

Tell us about your job working in Marketing? What’s your typical day/week 

When I’m at my desk, I can be doing a variety of things. My responsibilities include checking our social media channels and responding to any messages and comments and engaging with supporter’s posts. I also check and log press activity, have regular catch ups with fundraisers to find out what’s going on and what activity I can cover through press, social media and stories, and have chats with Care Team members about activity in house and media consent for children, young people and their families.  

Occasionally, I am lucky to get out and about! I play an active role at our events. I work closely with local photographers and the media who come to capture what’s going on, and work closely with them after the event to make sure content is collected and distributed, I update our social media channels throughout the event and even take some photos myself, however I am not a professional photographer in the slightest! I do enjoy creating mobile content, such as reels and fun Instagram stories. I’ll also regularly go and visit our CHSW shops around Cornwall to create engaging content for social media. I also love when I get to go downstairs into the hospice and engage with families and members of the Care Team. It is wonderful to see up close what we’re all about as a charity, and have the responsibility to capture this. I treasure these moments in this role, as I am very sociable and chatty. 

Ellie at Santas on the Run

What do you enjoy most about working at CHSW and/or in Marketing?  

I feel very lucky to be part of a wonderful Marketing Team. We all communicate and work so well together, and I’m never afraid to ask for help if I need it. At the end of the day we all ask what we’re having for dinner, which is such a nice funny way to end the day.

One of my favourite aspects of the role is spending time with the families. We filmed our Christmas Appeal campaign at Little Harbour, and I got to spend all day with the family, chatting to the parents and playing with the children, which was just lovely. The hospice has such a warm, friendly atmosphere and I adore going down there to speak to the Care Team, and see what activities they’re getting up to. 

I enjoy working closely with local and regional media, like BBC Spotlight and Rewind Radio. I studied Broadcast Journalism at University, so being able to work with TV and Radio companies is brilliant, and I love getting involved. 

What motivated you to apply to your role? 

I had finished University in the tail end of the pandemic, and opportunities in my field of study were scarce, and very competitive. I was living back at home, had quit my waitressing job and had my parents asking me what my plan was. I had debated moving to London to pursue a career in TV, but I knew that wasn’t quite the right plan for me at the time. I saw the role on Indeed and read the description, and despite not having qualifications in Marketing, the skills I’d obtained in my degree matched up pretty well, so I thought, why not!  

I knew of the charity, having had assemblies as a little girl back in primary school from staff members from Little Bridge House. I knew what amazing work they did, and after further research, I thought it would be amazing to be part of a wonderful organisation. 

Ellie with Betty Stogs at an event

I was ecstatic when I got the job, my Mum caught me crying in our hallway! 


How did you become a Media Officer? What job were you doing before? 

As mentioned previously, I had graduated University in Broadcast Journalism, and was waitressing to make some money after uni. I did some temporary work in a school over the summer of 2022. The school took in students who were poorly, so little did I know this was going to be great experience for the role I’m in now.  

Have you learnt any new skills since being in post? 

I have learnt so many! Having no marketing experience, I was launched into a whole new world! My journalism skills of communication, video editing, writing and content creating have been extremely beneficial, but I have learnt a plethora of new skills. I can now use software like Ads Manager and Meta Business Suite, which are both essential tools in this role. My communication skills have been widened as I now converse with bereaved families regularly, and my content creating skills have grown too. Despite being 23, almost 24, I can be a bit of a dinosaur with technology, but coming into a corporate setting and using Office regularly has got me into the swing of it! I still have my moments with my computer but we get along most of the time! 

If you could do another job within CHSW for the day, what would it be? 

I would love to be part of the Care Team for the day. We have the opportunity to do a care shift and I still need to do mine! 

How does it feel to be a part of the CHSW family? 

I feel very lucky. This is my first ‘big girl’ job as I call it, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team and working environment to come into.

We are lucky to have so many benefits in this organisation, and I know there is always someone I can come to if I’m feeling overwhelmed or simply need to ask a question. I feel very proud when I’m out and about at events, when I’m doing a post on LinkedIn or simply answering the ‘so what do you do for work?’ question. Knowing that the work we’re doing is going towards the care of these families is a very lovely feeling. 

Ellie at her desk at Little Harbour

Tell us anything else you love about your role/CHSW... 

I think I’ve summed it all up! But I love how everyday is different, being able to go out and about across the South West, having fun at the events, meeting and working with amazing people, popping down with a cup of tea down to Care Side to catch up with the nurses and being trusted to tell people’s personal, and often very emotional, stories.    

Give us 3 words to describe CHSW...

1. Inspiring

2. Courageous 

3. Family