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Chris Judd, Head of Retail
A Q&A with Chris, Head of Retail
Chris tells us more us about his job and what he loves most about working within retail at CHSW

Tell us about your job working in Retail. What’s your typical day/week?
My job as Head of Retail is so varied but a typical week will include all or some of the following. Retail is all about getting sales in the till so every week I review how we’ve done with my team. I spend time in shops meeting the teams, sometimes with the Area Managers and sometimes on my own. With 38 shops, over 100 staff and over 600 volunteers, there’s always plenty to think about! Whether that be making sure we make the most of every donation or planning the next shop re-fit. 

What do you enjoy most about working at CHSW and/or in retail? 
Retail is about people and stock. My favourite part of my job and working at CHSW is getting out on shop visits. This gives me the opportunity to meet our fantastic staff and volunteers as well as see first hand the amazing stock that our donors bring. 

What motivated you to apply to your role?
I love the fact that the role contributes to the work of an incredible charity while at the same time challenging my commercial side. The other great motivator for me is the size of the chain and the region it covers - 38 shops spread across the South West. 

How did you become Head of Retail? What job were you doing before?
I started my retail career working in department stores. My first charity retail job was as an Area Manager for Barnardo’s. I undertook various roles before being lucky enough to land this position with CHSW! 


Have you learnt any new skills since working at CHSW?
I have always tried to be collaborative in the way I work but since being at CHSW I have really started to appreciate the value of this approach. 

If you could do another job within CHSW for the day, what would it be?
Music Therapist – I love the way they work with the children and families. I’m not sure my singing would be appreciated though! 

How does it feel to be a part of the CHSW family?
It’s lovely how everybody works together to achieve our objective. We all do our best to support and encourage each other. 

Tell us anything else you love about your role/CHSW...
In my role as Head of Retail, I can have a real impact not only on the day to day performance of the business but also its future direction.