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Freddie and his mum Hayley present his cheque
Meet an incredible boy with an incredible appetite for fundraising
12 year old raises 10K in his walker

Since Freddie was born in 2010, he has battled with multiple health complications which have severely affected not only his, but also his family’s, way of life.

But despite heart problems, spinal issues, severe reflux and bowel issues, among others, Freddie hasn’t let these conditions stand in his way.

During the last three years, Freddie, aged 12,  has taken part in CHSW’s Incredible Hike, raising more than £10,000 for the charity. He completed a series of walking challenges in his walking frame, walking every day for a month his back garden and around his hometown of Helston in Cornwall.

Despite being unable to walk unaided, he loves the feeling of being upright that his walking frame gives him. The walks he does provide an amazing distraction to the trials and tribulations he faces with his health, and putting his shoes on always results in the hugest of smiles.Freddie and his mum Hayley present his cheque

The delight and joy is evident on his face in the photos his mother Hayley posts in their Facebook group, ‘Life with Freddie’. It is clear to see how much happiness this little boy gets out of giving back to the place that offers himself and his family the care and respite they need.

This October, Freddie, his mum Hayley and his siblings Casper and Evie visited CHSW’s Little Harbour hospice in St Austell for a respite stay and Freddie presented a huge fundraising cheque for £10,481.08 to the team there. 

His first day at the hospice brought plenty of laughs and smiles, but day two brought stomach issues for Freddie, leaving him bed bound. The hospice had some special visitors that weekend in the form of Shetland ponies. As Freddie was immobile and too poorly to go outside to see the ponies, the care team at Little Harbour bought the ponies to him, which really brightened his day.

This is just one of the many things our hospices can do to bring enjoyment and fun to our visitors. Little Harbour has an outdoor play area, sensory garden, hydrotherapy pool and a messy play room for the children and their families to have some well-deserved fun and relaxation.

Hayley, Freddie’s mum, spoke about what the visits to Little Harbour mean to her: “I think the main thing I like about coming to Little Harbour is seeing all the smiles.

We are all able to forget our worries surrounding Freddie for a few days and be relaxed and happy as a family.

Hayley really appreciates the spare time she receives at the hospice to spend precious moments with Freddie’s siblings, without the added pressure of worrying about her son’s care needs.Freddie raising money in his walker

She said: “I know Freddie's brother and sister, Casper and Evie get so excited to spend time with the sibling support team, especially going into the soft play. I think sometimes our lives are so focused around keeping Freddie stable and healthy that their needs often have to come second to this so it's lovely to see them having so much fun and being supported from the sibs team.”

Little Harbour is this inspiring boy’s happy place, and we’re certain he will not stop here with his walking adventures, which helps raise the all important money to allow our hospices to continue to do the work they do.