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Ceridwen with child at home
Ceridwen tells us about the new Music Therapy outreach programme
Ceridwen has been working on an exciting new outreach programme for children and young people who cannot travel.

Over the last few months here at Little Bridge House, we have been expanding our horizons to offer a Music Therapy outreach programme as and when time allows.

The referral system via our Family Support hub, and any referrals are discussed at our newly established Psychosocial Support meeting every Monday. Sometimes the referral might be made myself if I feel that a child could benefit from some intervention at home. The Care Team, who are in regular contact with the families, will also put names forward for consideration. Often our children are unable to attend school for long periods of time, due to illness, or simply an inability to cope with the long journey in a car or minibus. Children who aren't attending school are automatically exluded from contact with their classmates and they miss out on vital social interaction, and all of the experiences that a specialist learing environment offers them. By taking Music Therapy into the home, the need for travel is eliminated. Music Therapy also offers children and young people a space in which to engage in social activity. It gives them an opportunity to express themselves and communicate something of what they are feeling, their voice can still be heard. Parents have commented on just how wonderful the sessions are:

Thank you so much for coming to see us. My daughter is struggling to integrate into nursery and so to have Ceridwen come out and do some sessions with her really helps her to learn, to share, to take turns, to listen and to be a team player. It's just wonderful.


My daughter doesn't attend school, partly because she can't cope with the journey in her chair. She also struggles with being in her chair for long periods at school and so to have Ceridwen come out to see her means that she can still enjoy some interaction with someone other than me!


My son's face absolutely lights up whenever he sees Ceridwen. We have just built him a garden room especially for sensory activities and Ceridwen came out to see us and it was just wonderful to hear the room filled with her and my son's singing.


I am excited by this new venture and I will be interested to see where it leads and how it evolves over time.