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Dave Senior carries out many roles around Charlton Farm
Dave is an integral part of Charlton Farm's site team
He even rolls up his sleeves when on holiday in Cornwall

Octogenarian Dave Senior loves his job volunteering at a children’s hospice so much – he even does it while on holiday.

Dave, 81, is a key member of the volunteering team at Children’s Hospice South West’s Charlton Farm in Wraxall, Bristol, and carries out a range of important jobs alongside the maintenance team.

But not only does Dave, a grandfather of 3, work at Charlton Farm once a week, he also rolls up his sleeves and works at its sister site, Little Harbour Hospice in Porthpean, St Austell when he is on his holidays visiting family in Cornwall each year.

Dave, from Yate in Bristol, first heard about the work of CHSW while helping at a scouts and cubs gang show at the Bristol Hippodrome.

The collection in the interval was for CHSW. Dave was inspired to help after hearing CHSW co-founder, the late Jill Farwell, talk to the audience about the work of the charity.

While working as a parts delivery driver, railway enthusiast Dave also discovered Charlton Farm, which opened in 2007, was on his route – so he popped in to offer his services as a volunteer.

Dave Senior carries out many roles around Charlton Farm

And on the day he officially retired in March 2008, he started at Charlton Farm.

One of Dave’s first jobs was working as a car park attendant at an event at the hospice.

“The weather was terrible,” he said.

“It was tipping down and I was soaked to the skin. Even my socks were dripping, so when I got into the office building peeled them off and hung them on the radiator to dry.”

Now Dave undertakes a myriad of jobs each week – from sweeping up leaves to mending fences and checking all the vehicles used at the hospice to ensure they are roadworthy.

“Every day is different,” said Dave.

The worst job is clearing the site of snow and the best job is doing the water checks - the reason being I meet a lot of the staff and going to the hospice is where I get my ’fix’

“And that’s what makes it so rewarding.”

Dave grew up in Launceston before moving to Bristol aged 18.

He spent many happy days on holiday in St Austell as a child, regularly visiting Porthpean beach.

“We used to visit family twice a year and I remember being on that beautiful beach with my grandad with him wearing a suit, hat and tie. That’s what you did in those days.”

Dave Senior carries out many roles around Charlton Farm

Dave was keen to continue his volunteering duties while on holiday and during his five day stays with his Cornish family helps out at Little Harbour for 3 and a half days.

“I do many similar jobs to what I do at Charlton Farm,” said Dave.

“But often my first job when I arrive at Little Harbour is to valet the vehicles.

I like to keep busy and I love my work at the hospice. To be able to do it in a place just minutes away from where I enjoyed so many holidays as a child is just marvellous.

“I get to see my family, have a little holiday while continuing with my volunteering role.

David’s family also support CHSW with his grandson completing a 5k run.

Dave says one way he measures whether he’s done a good job is by the size of the cake he is offered.

“If I get a big slice of cake I have obviously worked hard and earned it,” he laughed.

“I like to think I am paid in good cake and the love and reward I get from volunteering for such an incredible charity.”

Charlton Farm site manager site manager Lawrence Gingell said: Dave’s enthusiasm is infectious and he’s an important part of our team.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Dave and his contribution helps with tasks around the site which without volunteers like Dave would be much harder to do.”

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