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Theo prior to Bath Half Marathon
One of CHSW’s young ambassadors, Theo Bacchiocchi aged 18 completed his first Bath Half Marathon in 2023 and raised a total of £500 for Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW). 
Theo tells us about his experience of training for and running the 13 miles in the heart of the World Heritage City of Bath.  

“Before accepting the challenge I had almost totally given up sports since COVID-19 and personally found running a very boring sport. However, once signing up for the Bath Half Marathon in 2023, I began to love every part of my training and journey.  

“Running had all of a sudden started to feel so valuable to me as it started to rapidly improve my mental health. Additionally, I Theo after finishing Bath Halfknew that any struggle I'd face during my training was irrelevant compared to the small amount of help I could provide to the children cared for by Charlton Farm by running for CHSW.  

“I started my training in April and I attempted 5k every week and I also started going to the gym to build up my strength for the race ahead. As time went on, I managed to increase my weekend runs to 10k, which I felt extremely proud of. Not only this, I was able to increase my stamina in other ways such as participating in Taekwondo, which improved my overall fitness.  

“Unfortunately my training for Bath Half took an unexpected turn when I badly sprained my ankle and was on crutches in the months leading up to the event. This really knocked my confidence and I was unsure of what the race had lined up for me.  

“Despite the knock to my confidence I persevered with raising the sponsorship for the race. I did this by putting up posters in my school, publishing a video on my social media page, creating a ‘go fund me’ page, and I approached people face to face whilst also raising awareness of the incredible work CHSW does.  

“On the day, as I passed the 8 mile mark, I felt my body went into shock and I could hardly move my legs. However, I persevered and I was able to finish the course in 2:21:08. 

The feeling of relief was indescribable but I was proud to know I had achieved this to support local children and their families.

“Even though I will not be participating in Bath Half Marathon 2024 due to my Year 13 exams, I feel eager to run the next one and would definitely run for CHSW again. Whilst I am doing that, I will spur others on to come and have a go with me.”