Raise a Smile Lottery for CHSW

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Not Won
Not Won
Not Won
155236, BS20
D8124, EX15
101698, EX15
C7962, TQ9
061950, EX34
C9106, EX39
188964, TR3
C1342, BS8
004310, PL14
A1037, BS35
D5986, TA20
D5294, EX16
018762, BA4
027154, EX32
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Truro Little Steps
Not Known
145628, PL30
079793, TR18
111147, PL24
112828, EX31
E1097, TA9
E0548, TA6
A1789, EX39
E0631, EX5
A0161, BA5
034811, PL13
061820, TR14
006612, TQ14
103269, DT7
059041, PL26
A2044, TA1
078727, BS20
145785, EX2
196762, TR14
193947, TR14
125057, EX13
C9032, TA21
C8676, EX39
182761, TR19
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C8590, TQ13
D4395, TA6
C9749, PL6
185489, EX4
D3171, PL24
C0032, EX18
D5185, TA9
D8043, LN4
D9068, PL14
D1332, BS39
E0061, TA9
D9595, BS7
D5355, PL25
114112, PL26
166408, TA2
008806, TR11
021687, TR18
014884, TR18
071128, TA6
C7551, TR9
A2744, GL12
097655, EX2
145579, PL17
077819, PL6
180932, BS1
D4253, BS49
C7572, PL26
151244, EX10
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130403, EX1
C0262, BS30
D5044, TA4
C8324, BS9
D4486, BS22
A0705, BA1
190992, TR16
D8566, EX37
E0338, PL14
D1576, TQ4
D7320, EX36
C7771, TR11
D4262, BA6
D9795, PL6


There is a weekly jackpot of £1,000 plus a number of prizes of varying amounts. If you are our lucky winner, you will be notified in writing and we will send you a cheque for the amount of your prize with your letter by post.

If you are a lucky winner and you purchased your ticket in one of our shops, please contact our Lottery Helpline on     08456 888 911 where your ticket details will be verified and a cheque arranged to be sent directly to you. Prizes must be claimed within 3 months of the winning draw date. All unclaimed prize money is donated directly back to the Charity.

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For full details of how we protect your data when joining our Raise a Smile Lottery please read our CHSW Lottery Rules >>

Our raise a smile lottery

The draw is made every Friday and there are 14 regular possible cash prizes with a top prize of £1,000 PLUS a rollover prize, which can grow to a maximum of £10,000! You will be issued with a unique lottery number, which will be entered into each weekly draw as long as you are in credit. You will be automatically notified if you win - you do not have to make a claim.

Players must be resident in the UK and over 16 years to play.

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The Raise a Smile lottery is operated by Children's Hospice South West under the Gambling Act 2005 and registered with The Gambling Commission, Lotteries Council, IBAS, Responsible Gambling Trust, GamCare and GambleAware.