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Making a Will

How to remember us in your will

Our families often talk about the 'treasure chest' of precious memories they build, when staying at our hospices, to carry into the future ... a future which will, sadly, be without their much-loved child or children. You can help to enrich these lives by leaving a gift in your Will. 

If you have not made a Will, it’s easy to include a gift to CHSW, or if you already have a Will in place, you can amend it with a Codicil – or rewrite it. Please speak to your solicitor or legal advisor about the options available to you. There are various ways you can leave a gift to CHSW in your Will: 

Residuary gift

This is the residue or part residue of your Estate - the amount left after paying outstanding liabilities, administration costs and pecuniary bequests.  

Pecuniary gift

This is a set amount of money and can be any amount – every gift of any size makes a vital difference. This can be linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI) so its value is maintained over time.  

Specific gift  

This is usually a particular item such as jewellery or a work of art. It is also possible to leave a property as a specific gift, but you must not provide the property address because the gift would fail if you no longer own that property. Therefore, it is recommended you put "any property that I may own at the time of my death" in preference to a specific address. 

Reversionary gift

This means you are leaving a gift to CHSW after a specific event by holding your assets in Trust to the charity. For example, you could choose to provide a lifetime interest in your property to a family member or friend, and the gift of the property to CHSW would be on their death, not yours. 

Rob Emery, Legacy and Remembrance Officer, CHSW

Rob Emery

Legacy Officer

Monday-Thursday 9.00am-5.00pm

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