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Fundraise online

Create your own online fundraising pages, where you can collect sponsorship donations or buy and sell items online.

Set up a JustGiving online fundraising page

Creating your own online giving page is quick and easy, you can even do it from the comfort of your arm chair! It’s a really easy way to raise money, just share your page with friends and family to sponsor you - and Gift Aid is claimed automatically! 

Create a SMILE Tribute memory page

The SMILE Tribute is a very special way to remember someone you love, who has died. In essence it is your very own website which provides a unique and personal space for you, your family and friends to remember and share precious memories.

Sell on eBay and donate

Do you sell goods on ebay? Why not make Children’s Hospice South West your favourite charity? You can choose to donate between 10% and 100% of the sale of your goods.

Game on!

Have you thought of fundraising through gaming?

Game On! is a fun way to raise money to help to make the most of short and precious lives. Let the gaming begin ...

How to make the most of your online fundraising 

  • Use Twitter to promote your page and update your progress
  • Write a blog and update your friends 
  • Create a Facebook group to help promote your event
  • Email all your friends, family and colleagues with the link to your fundraising page
  • Use examples of how fundraising makes a lasting difference to CHSW
  • Post the link to your fundraising page on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter
  • Include the link to your fundraising page on your email signature at work
  • Put your fundraising details on your work or school intranet
  • Update your fundraising page with training and progress and tell your contacts about your updates
  • Personalise your thank you email
  • Ask your supporters to spread the word about your fundraising efforts to their friends and family
  • After the event update your page with photos and your result, and remind people they can still donate

The benefits

  • It saves you time and hassle collecting sponsorship money
  • Online donations are 100% safe and secure
  • Your fundraising money is sent directly to us and goes straight to your sponsorship total
  • People are more likely to donate online as its quicker, easier and more secure
  • Gift Aid for UK taxpayers is calculated automatically and sent to us quicker
  • It also saves us time and money by reducing paperwork and admin