Jail and Bail

Bristol Jail & Bail 2017

Bristol Jail and Bail raises over £20,000

On Friday 19 May these seven local business people were put on trial and locked up at The Island in Bristol as part of Children’s Hospice South West’s (CHSW) Jail and Bail fundraising event.

The prisoners were all influential people from Bristol and the surrounding area who were put on trial for fictitious crimes. Following the Court hearing and being found guilty the prisoners were locked up for 4 hours and each was tasked with raising a bail amount of £999 for CHSW in order to be freed!

The ‘prisoners’ were: Mike Holt of Dribuild, Peter Clough of Osborne Clarke, James Hurford of Linden Homes Western, Emma Robbins of NatWest, Rob Eastwood-Dewing, Portishead Parish – Church of England, and Ms Sally Mitchell and Ms Courtney Skinner of Morrissons.

This is the first time the charity has put such an event on in Bristol and Corporate Partnerships Fundraiser for CHSW Janey Hellmen said, “Thanks to all of our prisoners for being such good sports all in support of making the most of short and precious lives for life limited children and their families. The amount raised by these 7 individuals is well beyond our expectations and the minimum bail required of them. We are so grateful for their efforts.”

In total the group raised in excess of £24,000 all of which will go straight towards the care and support offered to local families who are supported by CHSW through its Charlton Farm hospice near Bristol.

Thank you to The Island Bristol and to the Bristol Harbour Hotel for the fantastic venue and meeting space.

See below to read the heinous crimes our unsavoury prisoners have been charged with, don't forget to visit their Virgin Money Giving pages to see how much they've raised.


Peter Clough - Jail and Bail Bristol 2017 Rob Eastwood Dewing - Jail and Bail Bristol 2017 
Bail out Peter
Bail out Rob

Peter Clough
Occupation: Partner
Company:  Osborne Clarke
Crime: Riding a penny farthing in fancy dress
Plea: Not guilty – has threatened to name other dodgy dressers if found guilty
Bail: £999
Chances of getting off: Pretty much zero due to photographic evidence, however may raise bail from those scared of being implicated

As the head of Osborne Clarke's Bristol office, Peter may think he has the right to ride around on a penny farthing, dress up as a pea pod and wear OTT Christmas jumpers, however the law is clear in this area. The principle of 'three strikes and out' is clearly established in this sort of case and Peter's colleagues believe that it should be firmly applied in this instance.  

Rob Eastwood-Dewing
Occupation: Team Rector of Portishead
Company: Portishead Church of England
Crime: Attention seeking behaviour
Plea: Guilty as charged
Bail: £999
Chances of getting off: Remote

He has often been seen wearing inappropriate clothes, regularly donning a dress like garment on a Sunday morning (and occasionally at other times as well). He has a tendency to speak with a confidence that suggests that he thinks he knows what he is talking about and has even been heard to suggest that there is a divine being who cares about human beings and how they behave.



Mike Holt James Hurford 
Bail out Mike
Bail out James

Mike Holt
Occupation: Director
Company:  Dribuild
Crime: Not playing enough golf
Plea: Guilty
Bail: £999
Chances of getting off: Slim

The charges brought against Mike Holt are those of a serious nature within his industry.  Who ever heard of the Director of a construction and development firm not playing enough golf?  When asked what he had to say for himself, his only comment was  ‘Always working, always raining, always shopping with my wife’.



James Hurford
Occupation: Commercial Director
Company: Linden Homes (Western Region)
Crime: Being grumpy, no time for comedy
Plea: Not guilty, I'm a very cheerful person
Bail: £999
Chances of getting off: Nil

When James is at work he is extremely focussed and doesn’t have time for comedy - he’s renowned for being grumpy and having a dry sense of humour. His colleagues thought a bit of time inside may help him reflect on some simple jokes and appreciate that a bit of humour is not a crime! He is the Jack Dee of Commercial Directors and shouldn’t be released until he can tell at least five jokes with a smile!


Emma Robbins - Jail and Bail Bristol 2017  “Courtney
Bail out Emma
Bail out Courtney and Sally

Emma Robbins
Occupation: Local CEO NatWest
Company: NatWest
Crime: Stolen the Crown Jewels
Plea: The dentist told me I needed a Crown…OBS
Bail: £999
Chances of getting off: Slim to none

Emma Robbins of NatWest has repeatedly argued her case for stealing the crown jewels, with her latest excuse being that her dentist told her to do it. Nat West as a team are passionate about being customer centric and raising as much money as they can for CHSW. Their motto is to work hard, have fun...teamwork makes the dream work! But really Emma, trying to get off by claiming it’s all for charity? That’s just one step too far.

Courtney Skinner and Sally Mitchell
Occupation: Community Champion & Checkout Manager
Company:  Morrisons
Crime: A bad case of the munchies
Plea: Guilty
Bail: £999
Chances of getting off: Slim

Sally and Courtney like to sneak pieces of cake at lunchtime and tell each other they've been good on their diets! The two must stop their naughty treats and get back to their fruit pots.