Jail and Bail

Jail & Bail Exeter 2017

Jail and Bail is a hugely entertaining courtroom event which sees fundraisers arrested, charged with their crimes (entirely fictitious, of course) and then placed on trial.

Meet our unsavoury Exeter 2017 prisoners and read the heinous crimes they have been charged with, don't forget to visit their Virgin Money Giving pages to donate and see how much they've raised.

Jail and Bail Exeter 2017 Jail and Bail Exeter 2017 
Bail out Jeremy
Bail out Nick and Susan

Jeremy Burgess
Occupation: Managing Director
Company:  Jeremy M Burgess Ltd
Crime: Murdering various popular and otherwise innocent hit records in numerous acts of spontaneous karaoke.
Plea: Innocent of murder but willing to plead guilty to a lesser charge of unlawful wounding.
Bail: £999
Chances of getting off: Minimal

On several occasions I have publicly proceeded to decimate, some would say murder, numerous hit songs by well known bands whilst visiting karaoke bars. In my defence these acts were not premeditated, were often carried out as part of a gang and were committed very publicly. The original intent was to harm neither the song nor the audience. However in practice this was not the case and a significant amount of suffering took place on both counts.

I have evidence (photographic) which I believe gives clear grounds to demonstrate diminished responsibility on these occasions.





Nick Cox and Susan Metcalf
Occupation: Regional Operations Director and Commercial Manager
Company: Briggs & Forrester Engineering Services Ltd
Crime: Exposing colleague’s ears to Non-Devonian lingo!
Plea: “Guilty as charged... I could do with a break” - Nick
“I've been royally stitched up by my governor, gov! Treat me fair and reasonably in accordance with my human rights!” - Susan
Bail: £999
Chances of getting off: No chance – let’s see what we can pull out of the hat!

Over the past year, Nick and Susan have been using un-local lingo!

Susan being from the London area mentions ‘bear with’ and others (that we daren’t repeat) at least five times a day!

Nick, who is only based up the road in the Bristol area, uses favourite phrases such as ‘on the pitch’, ‘milk with warm hands’ and ‘whites of the eyes’.

With our office being based in Exeter, they will have to start fitting in with us ‘Beys’ and ‘Maids’!


Jail and Bail Exeter 2017 Jail and Bail Exeter 2017 
Bail out Simon
Bail out Julia

Simon Crawshay
Occupation: Director
Company:  Torbay Clearance Services Ltd
Crime: Stashing loud parrots at Head Office
Plea: Guilty as charged
Bail: £999
Chances of getting off: I work with many South Devon solicitors so hopefully some chance!

Although successful winners at this year’s South Devon Business Excellence Awards, Simon failed to tell judges about the noisy parrots at TCS Head Office, and the occasional “I've just sent that email!” excuse. He hopes that the charitable ethos of TCS will inspire clients, colleagues and friends and family to dig deep for CHSW.


Julia Guy
Occupation: Regional Manager
Company: Santander
Crime: Excessive consumption of diet coke
Plea: It's my only sin?! 
Bail: £999
Chances of getting off: Not much

Despite countless offers of cups of tea and coffee made by her teams, Julia just can’t seem to shake off her addiction to diet coke. Whether she’s on the road around her patch of Devon and parts of Dorset and Somerset, or in a board meeting, Julia can’t string a sentence together until she’s had her daily quota of cola!


Jail and Bail Exeter 2017  Jail and Bail Exeter 2017
Bail out Helen
Bail out Steve

Helen Keen
Occupation: Area Director
Company: HSBC Bank PLC
Crime: Taking excessive extravagant holidays and then subjecting colleagues to her extensive memory loss due to severe jetlag!
Plea: Not guilty as these are well within the parameters of my holiday entitlement, I forgot that I was forgetful and think this is normal for someone of my age!
Bail: £999
Chances of getting off: Not much chance at all - I fear people will want to pay to keep me in!

Helen has had holidays in destinations such as Canada for two weeks in July. In May she even went to New York for a week, apparently this was a development event! She went to New Zealand for three weeks over Christmas and subjected numerous people to millions of photos in WhatsApp, and on every occasion has returned in a state of confusion!



Steve Nelson
Occupation: Area Director South West
Company:  RBS
Crime: 1) Constantly turning any conversation he has into a conversation about Somerset Cricket.
2) The refusal to wear any clothing that does not have a Taunton Deane motif on it.
3) Being a West Ham fan.
4) Starting the "Somerset la la la" chant at every opportunity, including Glastonbury 2017.
Plea: None - please keep him!
Bail: £999
Chances of getting off: Minimal

Steve Nelson – The man the myth the legend. Steve is Somerset’s number one fan and number one son. His favourite band are the Wurzels and he’s never far from a cider on his days off. If Steve is to escape you will need to look no further than The County Ground in Taunton where he will be watching his beloved Somerset cricket team. A Man and Boy RBS employee for the last 50 years.


Jail and Bail Exeter 2017  Jail and Bail Exeter 2017
Bail out Llew
Bail out Wayne

Llew Nicholls
Occupation: Chief Commercial Officer
Company: Grow Marketing
Crime: Burning the barbecue meat
Plea: not guilty
Bail: £999
Chances of getting off: Zero

As a born and bred South African, Llew loves his BBQ (or braai in his native tongue). He thinks he does a mean steak but people don’t have the heart to tell him it’s always burnt. Please don’t bail him out of jail for this heinous crime.




Wayne Pearce
Occupation: Centre Director
Company:  Princesshay
Crime: Inability to drink tea (made for him) while still hot or even lukewarm!
Plea: Repeat offender - guilty
Bail: £999
Chances of getting off: Unlikely

As Centre Director of Princesshay, Wayne is responsible for a team of seven, who regularly lavish him with hot cups of tea and biscuits. However despite repeated attempts by his team to ensure he is well watered, Wayne has a persistent habit of leaving unfinished cups of tea around the office, much to the despair of his colleagues!


Jail and Bail Exeter 2017 
Bail out David and Rob

David Youldon and Rob Rosevear
Occupation: Assistant General Manager and General Manager
Company: The Gym Group, Marsh Barton
Crime: Not giving clients a coffee break between sets.
Plea: Guilty
Bail: £999
Chances of getting off: Unlikely!

They’re a tough pair these two. Though membership at their new 24 hour gym includes free classes and parking, one benefit not included in the price is a break between reps! Perhaps their clients will club together to get them out? Time to face your fate boys!