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Saints & Smugglers 100 Mile Challenge 2024

March 2024 - September 2024
Event organiser:
Third Party
Funded and self-funded options available
Sponsorship Target:
£90 - £300

Take on the best trail runs in Cornwall for CHSW

This year, Childrens Hospice South West have collaborated with Cornish event company, Purple Gecko Events to bring you some of the very best trail runs in Cornwall.

The Polruan Shuffle, Smugglers Way, Boscastle Scramble and Saints way challenge form the 4 unique self-navigation stages on four different dates, culminating in the legendary 100mile Saints & Smugglers


Sign up for just one if it takes your fancy, or take the plunge and commit to all four in order to complete the challenge. In 2024 there is also have the new option of a team relay!

As this year’s Charity partner, we have 20 spaces for each of the stages with a suggested minimum sponsorship:

  • Stage 1 Polruan Shuffle: 9 March, £12 charity space. Suggested minimum sponsorship £90
  • Stage 2 Smugglers way: 27 April, £35 charity space. Suggested minimum sponsorship £150
  • Stage 3 Boscastle Scramble: 8 June, £25 charity Space. Suggested minimum sponsorship £110
  • Stage 4 Saints way Challenge: 7 September. £25 charity space. Suggested minimum sponsorship £110
  • Saints Way Ricochet: 7 September. £45 charity place. Suggested minimum sponsorship £200

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Take on one or all four stages of the legendary Saints and Sinners Challenge!

Stage 1

The Polruan Shuffle

  • 9 March 2024

  • 12.5 miles of scenic Coast path along the south coast of Cornwall from Looe to Polruan
  • 1 checkpoint part way
  • No cut off time

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Stage 2

The Smugglers Way

  • 27 April 2024

  • 37 miles straight across the Cornwall via Bodmin Moor from Boscastle to Looe

  • 4 Check points along the way
  • Compass and map-reading skills required
  • 14.5 hour cut off

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Stage 3

The Boscastle Scramble

  • 8 June 2024

  • 26 miles of rugged North Cornwall coast path from Rock to Boscastle
  • 3 checkpoints along the way, with some hefty up & downs
  • 9 hour cut off

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Stage 4

The Saints Way Challenge

  • 7 September 2024

  •  28.5 miles
  • Padstow to Fowey, straight across the County following the ancient Saints Way Trail
  • 3 checkpoints
  • 10.5 hour cut off

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Saints Way Ricochet

  • 7 September 2024
  • 57 mile ultra-marathon
  • You’ll start at the gates of St.Fimbarrus Church in Fowey and make your way North across the county, skirting through Golant, whipping up Helman Tor, skipping across St.Breock downs, before hitting the half way point at Padstow Sicial Club. Here you can refuel the machine and head off back down South towards Fowey!
  •  Supported, self navigation exercise with 7 manned checkpoints holding fluid and sustenance
  • 19 hour cut-off

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There are different ways you can take part in the Saints and Smugglers Challenge 2024

If you want to join any stage of the Sanits and Smugglers Challenges and support CHSW, there are two options available, depending on how much you plan to fundraise, and how you sign up.

Option 1

Charity Place

If you acquire one of our charity places you will be required to pay a small registration fee and raise a suggested minimum sponsorship to take part in the event. Minimum sponsorship targets are:

  • Stage 1 Polruan Shuffle: Minimum sponsorship £90
  • Stage 2 Smugglers way: Minimum sponsorship £150
  • Stage 3 Boscastle Scramble: Minimum sponsorship £110
  • Stage 4 Saints way Challenge: Minimum sponsorship £110
  • Saints Way Ricochet: Minimum sponsorship £200

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Option 2


You pay the full event place fee and fundraise for CHSW with no minimum targets or cost for your charity. 

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Important information about the challenges

  • All 4 events are supported, self-navigation exercises with manned checkpoints stocked with fluid and sustenance along the route.
  • All runners will receive a Saints & Smugglers stage medal for each stage they complete. Those completing the 100 Mile challenge will receive a unique 100 Mile Challenge prize in addition!
  • There will be awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Male & Female on each stage and an award for the overall Series Champion!
  • All 4 events are subject to restricted numbers.
  • There will be a mandatory kit list for runners to carry on all 4 stages and competitors will be subject to a kit check at registration for each stage. Please see the official event website for the kit lists. Be aware that kit lists may differ slightly across the stages.
  • All stages will be timed.
  • Runners will be issued with a GPS tracker prior to the start of the challenge and be required to check in at the start, ALL checkpoints & the finish.
  • The minimum age for all stages is 18 years.

Series Championship

Series points are awarded to the top 10 male & 10 female finishers on each stage, with first place earning 10 points, second place earning 9 points etc.

In the event of two runners having accrued the same amount of points over the course of the series (having completed all 4 stages), each runner's overall time will be taken into account, with the runner with the fastest overall time being nominated the winner.

If you have any questions please contact