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Memories by Moonlight 2020

Saturday 26 September 2020
Virtual, Nationwide
Memory walk
Event organiser:

Coming together to remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones

Registration has now closed for Memories by Moonlight 2020 so you can no longer request a memory pack in the post. However, you can still add the names of your loved ones and make a donation on our special dedication page.
Join us on our Facebook event page to watch the virtual memory ceremony.

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National Friendly is a people-led organisation, helping to prepare for life’s contingencies since 1868, we have always been proactive in supporting our members and those within our community.

Fundraise in memory of your loved one

By fundraising in memory of your loved one, you will be supporting the vital care provided to over 500 families at our three hospices.

Ways you can fundraise:

  • Set up an online giving page in memory of your loved one.
  • Invite friends and family members to set up their own dedication to your loved one.
  • Use the sponsor form provided in your memory pack. 
  • Put on a special event or activity in memory of someone special and ask your friends and family to make a donation.
  • Call Kiley on 01726 871 800 for support or ways you would like to fundraise.

You can pay your sponsorship money in online or you can send it in by post to: Little Harbour, Porthpean Road, Porthpean, St Austell, PL26 6AZ.

Sarah Gibb

Your fundraising makes a big difference

Little Harbour supported Sarah through chemo, radiotherapy and exams

Need help?

If you would like to find out more about this event just click the ask a question button to send us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to help!

Call Kiley on 01726 871 800
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Terms and conditions

CHSW event terms and conditions


Memories by Moonlight dedication page 

A special added feature of this event is the Memories by Moonlight dedication page where you can add your loved one's name, photo and a personal message.

You are welcome to set up more than one dedication of different loved ones and their names will appear on this dedication page for you, your friends and family members to visit and there is the added option to make a donation in their memory when you set this up.

Add your dedication

Your loved ones' names will also be a part of our memory ceremony on the evening of 26 September. If you do not want them to appear, please email Kiley to ask for their names to be omitted.


Special memory ceremony 

At 9.00pm on 26 September, we invite you to join our very special 1 hour long memory ceremony where we will celebrate and remember the lives of those no longer with us. Join with your loved ones to watch the heart-warming memory ceremony broadcast on Facebook live from our Little Harbour children's hospice. 

On this memorable evening, we will join together to light our candles and listen to a special song dedicated to your loved ones, readings and poems from all three of our hospices and celebrate the lives of those no longer with us with a 2 minute applause, while their names appear on the screen.

If you have not set up a dedication in memory of your loved one but would like their name to still be part of the ceremony, please email Kiley.
Please join the Facebook event page to enable you, your friends and family to watch the memory ceremony on the night.


Your registration fee includes the postal mailing of your memory pack that contains your memory box, candle bag, tea light & Memory Ceremony Service booklet. 

If you have chosen the memory walk option for this event, you will also receive an “I am walking in memory of” back sign and commemorative medal. As this is a charity event, we ask that you raise sponsorship to ensure that local families can continue to receive the vital care that Children’s Hospice South West offers.

Everyone is welcome to be part of Memories by Moonlight.

Traditionally in previous years, participants have raised sponsorship in memory of their loved ones by setting up an online giving page or collecting money on their sponsor form. We understand that currently this may be difficult, so this year there is also the option to donate in memory of their loved one. The money raised from Memories by Moonlight will support more than 500 families currently being cared for at our three hospices.

We suggest the easiest way for friends and family to make a donation is by donating on your Just Giving page set up by you in memory of your loved one.

If you have registered to walk in memory of your loved one and raise sponsorship, we will send you a medal after the event.

Setting up a dedication a part of this event is optional. You are welcome to take part and remember your loved one by personalising your memory box and candle bag. However, if you decide you would still like your loved ones name/s to be a part of the live memory ceremony, please email Kiley.

A dedication is where you can add the name and a photo of loved ones you are remembering. You can also leave a special message for them. This is free to do and we welcome you to set up more than one dedication in memory of more than one person.

Set up your dedication

Of course- you will have a link to share with friends and family members to view the dedication via the Memories by Moonlight webpage. They can then make a donation. 

No problem! If you do not wish to have your loved one’s name/s appear on the screen as a part of the memory ceremony, email Kiley with the names you don’t wish to appear.

If you set up a dedication page, your loved ones’ names will automatically appear.

To join the Memory Ceremony, you need to join the Memories by Moonlight Facebook event or the Children’s Hospice South West Facebook page. The ceremony will be broadcast live on Facebook from 9.00pm so you can watch it from the comfort of your own home.

The Memory Ceremony begins at 9.00pm on Saturday 26 September and will be approximately an hour long.

No - you decide! Our traditional Memory Walks over previous years have been 5 miles. If you register for the walking option of Memories by Moonlight, you can decide to walk as little or as long as you like. 

We recommend for health and safety reasons you walk in the daylight or early evening and return in time for the Memory Ceremony at 9.00pm. 

Absolutely – you can decide how you would like to remember and celebrate the lives of your loved ones over the Memories by Moonlight weekend! You may decide to hold a cream tea, a garden party, a gathering on a beach or in a park! When you register, please choose the non-walking option.

You can donate your sponsorship in the following ways:

Through our website

By Post: Send your sponsor forms along with a cheque to Little Harbour, Porthpean Road, Porthpean, PL26 6AZ

Add it to your online giving page: if you have set up an online giving page the money is automatically transferred to CHSW. You can add any offline sponsorship to your online page.

Any money you raise on an online giving platform is automatically transferred to CHSW after the event.

No problem. Please email Kiley and she will support you with any queries or help you need.