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Oil it

Give your bike a little TLC. A regular check-over and a squirt of oil helps to keep problems at bay

The main moving parts are the chain and cogs and they only need a light dab of oil (again little and often). There are many products on the market, light lubricant sprays work in the summer and thicker oils deter the weather especially in the winter, don’t use cooking oil, engine oil or WD40 though!

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Keep it clean

It’s good to remove dirt and grit but you don’t necessarily need specialist products, remember to always oil the bike chain after washing, allowing for it to dry first, a lovely sparkly chain will soon creak otherwise.

Learn to fix a puncture

The dreaded puncture might be fiddly but you can do it! Practise at home first, maybe with a friend and take your time. You’ll be amazed that after a few goes, you will be able to do it without too much bother. Check out the internet for comprehensive step-by-step puncture repair videos.


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Have your bike serviced

A bike has numerous moving parts and they do eventually wear out as they are subject to quite significant forces so be prepared to replace parts, it’s a good investment for your beloved bike and will keep it in action for longer.

Go on a bike maintenance course

If you want to try and fix your bike yourself but aren’t sure how to, look up your nearest bike maintenance course, learning bike maintenance will save you lots of money in the future.