Helping to reduce our carbon footprint

Now there are even more ways that you can help Children’s Hospice South West, starting in your own home and office! Below are a few ways that you can recycle to help Children’s Hospice South West.

CHSW Recycling your old mobile phone for charity

Mobile phones 

When it’s time to upgrade your mobile phones, don’t throw your old one away as we can make money from your unwanted mobiles! To find out more please email our recycling team.

Postage cards and stamps (old and new)

Hundreds of letters are received by businesses and individuals each week. Why not collect all of the used stamps and send them to us at one of our offices?

We forward them on to our stamp dealer who pays us for the discarded stamps by weight and even more for special stamps and albums.

Recycling your old jewellery for CHSW

Little Gems (jewellery and watches)

Send us your unwanted fine or costume jewellery. It doesn’t matter if it is broken or missing a pair, we’ve already raised well over £80,000 for the Little Gem Appeal so please keep sending us your jewellery.

Our experienced jeweller values every item, which is then sent to auction, sold for its weight or sold by donation at our Friends Group fetes, coffee mornings and other events. Send your ‘Little Gems’ to one of our offices.


You can also recycle any of your unwanted goods at our CHSW shops.  We are always looking for good quality items to stock our shelves.