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At 50 years old Kevin is aiming to run a half marathon in under 90 minutes,
Breaking 90 @ 50: Why running a half marathon and fundraising for CHSW is important to Kevin

Running was a passion for me in my 20s - I would run everywhere. As I got older though suddenly ‘life’ got in the way of my passion, even though ‘real life’ is far more important. Most of us have to work and support or contribute to the family unit, and time restraints mean we do things we love less often, and this applies to more than just running of course.

As I was approaching 50 years old (48 at the time) I had become obese and unfit, and my daughters and family said I needed to lose weight and get some exercise. It was a turning point for me, and taking on board their comments I lost 5 stone in 2 years, and really got back into my running. I ran with my local Club, Yeovil Town Road Running Club.

I have always admired those that raise money for great causes - the time, effort, and heart and soul they put into it; the energy to persistently raise the bar again and again. Those mega repeat fund raising individuals, I salute you. But also every last one of those people who say they will do some good, raise some funds, and they do. These type of fundraisers are equally fantastic, selfless people, with great compassion.

Deciding that I wanted to raise money for a great cause, I searched for a charity to help and Children's Hospice South West jumped from the page at me for several reasons. It is an upsetting thing when life-limited children and families have to make plans and preparations for various illness’s, so I visited Charlton Farm, near Bristol, to see what Children's Hospice South West do. They provide space, time, and a great team to help build ‘forever memories,’ a phrase I can’t forget now.

I am so lucky to reach 50 years old, and feel that as a society we can all do more.

My goal to raise money for CHSW is Breaking 90 @ 50. Running a sub 90 minute Half Marathon as a fifty year old. I will probably run 10 -12 Half Marathons to achieve this, and I’m training hard and trying to get various businesses to support me, and to help me raise vital funds for Children's Hospice South West.