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Hannah the runner - training for Bath Half Marathon
Hannah the runner
Read Hannah's training plan for the Bath Half 2019

“I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of Children’s Hospice South West when my neighbour asked me if I could write an article for their runners newsletter. I was happy to. When I’m not running or coaching running I’m talking about running or thinking about running or writing about running. So, I wrote a couple of things. Then the fundraising team let me in on a very exciting secret: the news that CHSW had been selected as the Bath Half 2019 Local Charity Partner. And they asked if I would like to be more involved. Daft question!

By then I knew more about their work and I knew that I’d be supporting a pretty fantastic charity. I guess I’m not alone as a parent in finding it very emotive to even think about needing the help of CHSW.

It’s because of my children that I became a running coach. Not for any commendable reason like wanting to be a good role model, but because after two and a half years of their incessant demands and needs I had a very strong desire to run away! No matter how wonderful our children are, how much they need us and how grateful we are to have them, parents need a break sometimes. For me running became my release: a chance for a little break without too much guilt. Then I discovered that for me there’s something better than running and that’s helping other people with their running.

In the past three years I’ve supported more that 150 people to start running, I’ve coached around 50 Bath Half runners, I’ve introduced people to trail running and helped them learn to love hills. I absolutely love my job.

Over the next year I’ll be helping CHSW supporters in their journey to the 2019 Bath Half. I know what it takes to get someone from non-runner to half marathoner, and how to coach seasoned runners achieve a new personal best. Will one of them, be you?”