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Enjoying our sensory gardens

Gardens and open space are such an important element at each of our hospices, with sensory gardens and areas to play in being a much loved feature enjoyed by the children and young people with life-limiting conditions and their families that we support.

Being outside is a great sensory experience and that’s why gardens are such an important element. In addition to play areas, our 3 hospices also have specially designed sensory gardens each with a different theme.

For children that may lack some senses, a sensory garden gives heightened awareness of sight, smell and sound and can help to stimulate reactions. Being able to enjoy time in a garden is such a simple pleasure for our families, when they most need some relaxation and enjoyment.

The lion at night in the Narnia sensory garden at Little Bridge HouseAt Little Bridge House the children are treated to the ‘Narnia’ sensory garden. Based on the C.S Lewis book ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’, ‘Narnia’ is full of features to stimulate the senses; sight, sound, smell and touch, and is a magical place that all the children and parents visiting our hospice can enjoy. It is designed to interact on many levels and even includes a roaring Aslan, crystal icicles and a wardrobe door.

Charlton Farm’s beautiful indoor 'winter' garden provides another area of sensory stimulation for the children. We have a bird song and rainforest sound system to create a space for relaxation - a great place for reading stories or for Mum and Dad to have a glass of wine in the evening.

In 2015, Little Harbour saw a new addition to its garden emerge; Mermaids Cove sensory garden. The garden takes our children and families through an interactive sensory journey of stormy seas to calm waters. Mermaids Cove has a sandpit, water sprays, piped sounds of the sea, and a mermaid’s house for storytelling and is laid out in a way that the sensory moments are accessible to all.

Calm for all hours

Both in the light and the dark hours our sensory gardens provide a haven of calm and rest.

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How it works

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Take a walk through the Little Harbour sensory garden

Children's Hospice South West Little Harbour sensory garden