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Yes, you can reserve a DVD of your jump for £140; photographs for £140; or a DVD and photograph package for £185.

The minimum age is 16 years and there is no upper age limit.  If you are aged under 18 you must obtain parental consent using BPA form 106.

All participants should carefully read the declaration of fitness form 115A.  It may be necessary to consult your GP and ask them to sign and stamp form 115B.

The standard upper weight limit is 15 stone / 95 kilos fully clothed.  Please call Skydive Buzz if you are between 15 and 18 stone.

All forms can be downloaded from the Skydive Buzz website.

A tandem skydive is an easy and enjoyable way to experience the thrills of skydiving.  Once aboard the aircraft, you will be securely harnessed to your Instructor as you ride up to your chosen altitude.  The aircraft takes approximately 10 minutes to climb to 15,000ft, giving you time to take in the views.  Once at altitude, you will get the green light for GO! 

During freefall, you will experience speeds of approximately 120mph for up to a minute, falling around 2 miles.  As the canopy opens, you will be aware of the sudden tranquillity as your speed dramatically decreases.  This allows you to

Skydive Buzz will advise you of your arrival time when you book your jump.

After your safety briefing with an experienced instructor who will teach you everything you need to know, you will be ready to take to the skies.  On your pre-boarding call, your instructor will prepare you for your skydive - fitting your jumpsuit, head gear, goggles (suitable for contact lenses/glasses), gloves and harness.

You will not jump in unsafe weather conditions.  However, you can never rely on the weather forecast entirely so please call the airfield on 01404 890 222 after 4.00pm on the day before your skydive, and a member of the Skydive Buzz team will advise you.  Please remember that your deposit is non-refundable so it’s important that you speak to a member of the team at the airfield to rebook your skydive if weather conditions don’t permit you to jump on your original date.

All jumpers are covered by the British Skydiving third party Liability Insurance of up to £5 million. The British skydiving third party insurance has a cost of £22.42 and is not included in any bookings. This must be paid within 7 days of booking confirmation. 

As your sponsorship is paying towards the charity-funded skydive, you will need to be transparent with your donors. We are unable to claim Gift Aid on the first £400 raised towards your skydive. Therefore, to make things simple we advise the following:

• When setting up your online fundraising page please do not allow Gift Aid to be claimed

• Do not allow donors on your sponsorship form to tick the Gift Aid box

• Add this clear statement to your online giving page and sponsorship form: £200 of the sponsorship raised will be funding the Skydive and the remaining sponsorship will support care at

Our charity-funded place Skydive participants are asked to pay £50 non-refundable deposit paid to Skydive Buzz when booking and to raise a minimum sponsorship of £400 before your skydive date to confirm your jump. This is broken down as:

• £200 balance of the cost of your skydive. If this is raised via your sponsor form, you will need to pay Skydive Buzz direct before your skydive. If this is raised through your online fundraising page, it can be arranged for Skydive Buzz to invoice CHSW for this amount

• £200 plus any additional fundraising before or after your skydive will go to Children’s

Yes!  There are several pricing options available on the Skydive Buzz website so if you self-fund your jump, all sponsorship raised would go to CHSW.