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Skydive Perranporth May 2024

Friday 17 May 2024 to Saturday 18 May 2024
8:00am - 5:00pm
Perranporth Airfield, St Agnes
Skydive and Wing walk
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Charity places available
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Take your feet off the floor in 2024! 

Join us on our charity skydive weekend on the 17 and 18 May 2024 where team CHSW will take to the skies above Cornwall and jump to raise smiles for families and children with life limiting illnesses. 

We have just 10 spaces available each day! This year we have added Friday as an additional corporate focused challenge day for you and your work colleagues to complete within working hours! 

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Is there a better way to test your nerve than with a tandem skydive! 

Imagine the adrenaline and thrill of jumping out of a plane at up to 10,000 feet high!  Now imagine the pride you feel after free falling at around 120mph and experiencing the serenity of gliding back down to earth! 

A tandem is an easy and enjoyable way to experience the thrills of skydiving without having to learn how. The exhilarating freefall combined with the peace and tranquillity of the parachute ride, makes tandem skydiving a unique and eye-opening way to raise money for Children’s Hospice South West. 

Perranporth Airfield is also home to The Cornish Parachute Club. Instructors and pilots are fully qualified with the British Parachute Association.  

Our Charity places request a minimum sponsorship of £400 - this includes the cost of your skydive. 

To confirm your place, simply book with a £50 deposit. Please read all the guidance information before registering as there are weight limitations and medical conditions that may prevent you from being able to complete a Skydive with The Cornish Parachute Club. 


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If you'd like to find out more about skydiving with us, give us a call.

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Join Team CHSW!

Join our team of amazing fundraisers by taking part in a tandem Skydive for CHSW.  Our Charity places request a minimum sponsorship of £400 - this includes the cost of your skydive.

Our fundraising teams are here to support you every step of the way, and make fundraising as easy and fun as possible. We have fundraising ideas for every occasion, how-to guides and great branded materials for you to download.

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In a nutshell we ask you to raise at least £400!

The skydive costs £220.00 and the remaining balance of £180 comes to Children’s Hospice South West

A £50 non- refundable deposit, payable to the Cornish Parachute Club, at the time of booking.

£170 will be payable to the Cornish Parachute Club, one week prior to your jump. 

The remaining £180 can either be raised online, with Just Giving for example, or you must bring a post-dated cheque made payable to CHSW along with you on the morning of your skydive for the balance.

Don’t’ forget – you can choose to raise more than the minimum amount! The sky is the limit!

Absolutely! If you would like all of your sponsorship to go to CHSW then you can pay the deposit and the remaining balance! Many of our skydivers do choose this option and raise as much as they can in sponsorship.

Yes, you can. You can pay the Cornish Parachute Club £95 for a DVD or have landing shots costing £25. Please email Cornish Parachute Club to book a DVD:

If you are aged 40 years or over you are required to have a signed medical certificate

There is unfortunately a maximum weight guideline of 15 stone or 94KG.

All participants will be required to complete a medical information and declaration form which needs to be handed in alongside the booking form.

Technically the jump is called a Tandem Skydive. You will be taken up in a light aircraft to 10,000 ft before freefalling through the air (without the parachute deployed) for 5 thousand feet at 120MPH!

You will be harnessed to a professional parachute instructor at all times through the descent. Your instructor will then control your landing. You will get to ride the parachute down to the ground!

Your jump and training will be completed in one day.

Two weeks prior to your jump, skydivers will be given an allocated time to arrive at Perranporth Airfield. This is so you can complete your training, hand in any outstanding medical forms and make your final payment. You can not request the time you jump as this is decided upon by the Parachute club dependant on a number of factors – your name is called 15 minutes before your jump time so please be aware you may be there all day waiting for your turn. We advise bringing a picnic blanket and refreshments or you can purchase food from the café.

The Cornish Parachute Club will give you a full comprehensive run down of what will happen during your skydive with information of what you will need to do during your freefall and for landing. A full safety brief will also be gone through with you - if you arrive late and miss the training you will not be allowed to jump.

You still need to attend on the morning of the parachute jump unless you have been contacted otherwise – if the parachute jump has to be cancelled you will be offered an alternative date or a refund on the day.