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Incredible Hike 2025

7:00am - 7:00pm
South West Coast Path, Westward Ho!
Event organiser:
£350. Deposit ticket available
Sponsorship target:

Incredible Hike 2025

The Incredible Hike is a guided 3-day walk totalling 60 miles on the South West Coast Path. Every year, we’ll trek the coast path for an entire weekend, walking to complete the South West Coast Path while raising money for children and young people living with life-limiting conditions. 
Sign up for our Incredible Hike and take in the breathtaking sights. Our dedicated event team will handle your meals, luggage transfers and hotel stays while you enjoy the views!

Graphic that displays details about Incredible Hike. Date: Friday 16 to Sunday 18 May. Location: Westard Ho! to Tethavy. Distance: Approx 60 miles. Registration fee: £300, Min fundraising pledge: £1000, Difficulty: Challenging, very hilly


Frequently asked questions

Kate Romo, Events Fundraiser, Little Bridge House

We're here to help

Join Team CHSW and we'll be with you every step of the way! For more information call Kate or send us a message.

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How to raise 'a grand'

Raising £1,000 might seem like the ultimate challenge but we’ve got so many tips to help you reach and smash your fundraising target.

Here are 10 easy fundraising ideas to raise £100 each - sorted! 

  1. Have a clear out and go to a car boot sale 
  2. Post your training pics to social media with a link to JustGiving 
  3. Create a Vinted or other online re-sell account and sell your unwanted clothes and accessories 
  4. Hold a quiz or bingo night at your local pub 
  5. Charity car wash 
  6. Bucket collection at your local supermarket – contact us to get an official CHSW collection bucket! 
  7. Hold a bake sale at work 
  8. Guess the number of sweets in a jar 
  9. Hold a coffee morning at your local church or village hall 
  10. Put a collection tin in your local shop - contact us to get an official CHSW collection tin! 

Get more fundraising ideas Set up JustGiving page

Take it steady 

You don’t need to hit your £1,000 target all in one go! Fundraising little and often can be the most effective way to reach your target.  

Bake sales, bingo nights, and bucket collections can all raise over £100 a time! 

Share your story 

Harnessing the power of social media will kick-start your fundraising journey. It’s so quick and simple to setup a JustGiving page, and make sure you regularly share your page and the story of why you’re taking on the Incredible Hike with your friends and followers. Reports from JustGiving and GoFundMe say that each share on Facebook can be worth anything from £10 to £35 per share!  

Fundraising at work 

Your workplace may also be able to support you, from swear jars and sponsored silences to matched funding or hosting a company quiz night, reach out to your employer to see how they can support you. 

  • Run a tuck shop from your staff room/office 
  • Hold a sponsored ‘dress down day’ 
  • Have a ‘swear jar’ or ‘jargon jar’ 

We’re here to support you 

Once you register for the Incredible Hike, we’ll be here to support you at every step of the way too. You’ll have access to exclusive fundraising support and materials. 

  • Regular Zoom calls with the rest of Team Hike and CHSW Fundraising Team 
  • Check-ins and contact with your local Area Fundraiser 
  • Access to a private Facebook group to support each other and share fundraising tips 
Kate Romo, Events Fundraiser, Little Bridge House

We're here to help

If you have any questions or need further support with your fundraising, contact Kate.

Call Kate on 01271 325 270
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Your incredible experience! 

As an Incredible Hiker you’ll receive: 

Incredible Hike What's Included block


  • Incredible Hike top and buff 
  • Training plans and kit list 
  • Fully guided route 
  • Pit stops with snacks and drinks 
  • Accommodation, food and bag transfers 
  • Finishers’ medal and bubbly 

Frequently asked questions


All Incredible Hikers will receive their very own technical walking T-shirt for this year’s route.  You’ll receive your t-shirt at registration. Added to that you’ll also get your very own buff, which will help to shield you from the sun or maybe keep warm in the rain! 

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

Hike Support will be on board and on hand throughout your 3-day guided walk and that includes providing snacks and drink stops along the route. This is funded from your £350 registration fee. We advise you to carry your own treats and drink in your day backpack, so you have the flexibility to rehydrate as you need to along the route.  

Joining Team Hike means that while you focus on the walking, the challenge and the fundraising, Hike Support can make your ultra challenge as comfortable as possible. As part of your £350 registration fee, we will provide you with accommodation for 2 nights. We’ll arrange all your transfers from the coast path to your accommodation and vice versa!  And we’ll even transfer your main luggage too, so you don’t need to carry everything over the weekend.   

At the end of your ultra hiking challenge, you will be handed your much deserved medal! Your medal will be specific to the route you’ve just walked so if you decide to sign up for the Incredible Hike again, you’ll be adding to your medal hook at home! 

Whether it’s bubbly lemonade or bubbly Prosecco, we’ve got it covered.  While you ‘cheers’ to your incredible experience and fundraising, we’d love to get a team photo for prosperity!   

You’ll be guided along the whole route in groups of 10. Each group will start the day at a staggered time, ensuring pace and safety along the route. If you wake up on day two and decide you would like to join the slower paced group, we’ll listen to you and make that happen. You will also be supported throughout your route to ensure you have flexibility to join different groups if needed.  

Unlike many hiking events, we’re not sending you off with a map and a wave. We’re going to be right there with you; guiding you along the route, providing basic medical assistance when required, leading on safety and ensuring you are on track to reach pit stops for breaks and your destination each day.  

Each night when you arrive at your accommodation, it’s possible that you’ll be feeling your 20-ish miles!  A fully trained Physiotherapist will be available to offer assistance to those who need it. In addition to that, a Physiotherapist will be available at the pit stops on route, providing advice and support where needed.      

Your evenings are your chance to mingle, relax, have a nice evening and probably get an early night!  We’ll provide dinner (drinks at own cost) each evening and this is funded from your £350 registration fee. There’s going to be a lot of camaraderie! There will be all of Team Hike there so that’s 50 hikers and all the Hike Support.  

About your incredible weekend

Friday 16 May 

Westward Ho! to Titchberry

  • Start: TBC
  • Water stop 1: TBC
  • Lunch: TBC
  • Water stop 2: TBC
  • Finish day 1: TBC

View route map on MapMyWalk

Saturday 17 May 

Titchberry to Bude

  • Start day 2: TBC
  • Water Stop 1: TBC
  • Lunch: TBC
  • Water stop 2: TBC
  • Finish day 2: TBC

View route map on MapMyWalk

Sunday 18 May 

Bude to Tethevy

  • Start day 3: TBC
  • Water stop 1: TBC
  • Lunch: TBC
  • Water stop 2: TBC
  • Finish: TBC

View route map on MapMyWalk

CHSW Event Fundraiser profile picture Kate Romo

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Join Team CHSW and we'll be with you every step of the way! For more information call Kate or send us a message.

Call Kate on 01271 325 270
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