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Mark volunteer at Children's Hospice South West
Mark's story
I really felt I wanted to give something back, just to do something to help others
What is your volunteering role at CHSW?

My voluntary role currently is threefold, I help out at the CHSW shop in Zetland road, covering all aspects of work there, although mainly sorting out the numerous donations that pile into the shop on a daily basis. Secondly I drive, running children and their families and siblings from their home to Charlton Farm or vice versa or indeed to any other destination that may be required. Thirdly I love to help in whatever capacity is suitable for flowers and plants for the family bereavement weekend, family summer fete and generally helping out with any horticultural requirements around the house and the beautiful gardens. 

What was it that interested you about volunteering?

For many years I held a fast paced, stressful senior management position running top end events in London, we were constantly chasing our tails trying to meet deadlines and very particular requirements. Having now relocated to a Bristol and living a slower pace I really felt I wanted to give something back, just to do something to help others rather than stressing over the high demands that had previous played such a huge role in my life. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love the simplicity of helping other people, knowing that the voluntary work is leading to the benefit of such a wonderful charity. The work we do is crucial to help continue the incredible work CHSW offer children with life limiting health issues and their families enjoy a better quality of life, even for the short term.

How would you sum up volunteering in just one word?


The reason for this word; just the joy volunteering gives me, knowing I can help and try and make a difference, cliched perhaps but so very very true, especially having lead the high stress career previously, this is absolutely joyous......

What would you say to someone who is thinking of volunteering?

Don't think, DO! Volunteering is totally life affirming, we all tend to rush around with our busy lives and many of us expect so much, to give back is totally awesome. This charity is, totally awesome.