Hydrotherapy is a valuable resource at each of our hospices. The warm water supports much of a child’s body weight allowing children to feel free when they may spend so much of their time in a wheelchair.


At each hospice site there is a hydrotherapy pool that is not only fully accessible and hygienic but also a private space for families to spend time together.

Little Harbour hydrotherapy pool

The sense of relaxation can be enhanced through the use of jet streams, a sound system and changing lights, although many of our families also use this space as a fun, playtime activity.

Each pool has its own fully equipped wet room so the Care Team or parents can wash the children with ease.

The wet room gives a lot of space for families to change at either end of their hydrotherapy session and means they do not need to return to their rooms in wet clothes.


The MacBean family
Who benefits from hydrotherapy?

Children with stiff joints, muscle spasms and muscle wasting conditions all benefit from the therapeutic experience of water, while having fun.

Siblings love to splash and let off steam, either with their sick brother or sister or parents, or with other siblings to get to know each other.

Parents often use the pool in the evening, giving them a rare opportunity to talk to each other, something which can often be hard to do at home. Sadly, the rate of marriage break-up in families with a life-limited child is twice the national average and any opportunities for couples to relax and have a chance to talk to each other uninterrupted is very valuable.