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Sheila volunteers at Little Harbour regularly
I started volunteering at Little Harbour six months after it opened and now I volunteer at the Bude charity shop too

Sheila with Reindeer her family make to raise funds for CHSW
I volunteer on careside at Little Harbour on a regular basis.  I am very willing to do anything  in order to be helpful. This includes assisting in the admin office and helping in the kitchen.  My family also fundraise for Little Harbour by the making of wooden Reindeers at Christmas.  I also volunteer on a regular basis in the Bude Charity Shop. My role in the shop can be anything  from sorting items for the shop to serving and shelf dressing.

I started volunteering at Little Harbour six months after it opened and am now volunteering at the Bude charity shop too.

As time began to slowly heal after the death of our son, Mark, I felt I wanted to be involved in some charity work.  I was about to retire from being a school administrator and Little Harbour was about to open and so I applied to be a volunteer.

My hope was to be  on Careside at Little Harbour but due to the complex needs of  those that come and stay that was not possible. But by working in the admin office I was able to be on Careside and become acquainted to the lovely families that attend regularly.

I feel that Little Harbour is a piece of land in Cornwall that is unique. It is a place where mums and dads can come with their sick son or daughter and their siblings knowing that they will be looked after like no other place and where they can take some time out themselves to have some catch up time. 

It is a place where I feel I have an empathy with mums and dads. It is a place where I have made such good friendships with those I try to help and am made to feel very inclusive of Little Harbour.  I feel very privileged to be able to be on Careside at Little Harbour. I enjoy very much too volunteering alongside Annie in the Bude Charity Shop.

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